Best decision my hubby and I have made!!! Even had twins in 1990!

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Wow! You could have your own reality show on TLC!! Seriously! With all the "large families" shows your twist on the concept is that you have homebirths. Ok, now anybody with connections? ;o)
Krista Harris said:
Wow! You could have your own reality show on TLC!! Seriously! With all the "large families" shows your twist on the concept is that you have homebirths. Ok, now anybody with connections? ;o)

LOL! Yup, I should have jumped on the train b4 it became popular! People think I'm either Catholic or Mormon, or just craaaaaaaaazy! We are Christians and blessed. I had 5 miscarriages. After hearing the women who I babysat for who had hospital births then home births, they highly recommended home birthing. I also heard the mdwf prayed the baby out and there was no episiotomy...........SOLD!!! Now to convince my stress engineer hubby. He knew I wanted to pursue this, so we interviewed our mdwf and had a ton of questions answered and we felt at ease and educated ourselves. Each birth was totally different but all were safely and incredibly delivered at home with great mdwfs. I'm considering a water birth this time!
I have a close friend who had a waterbirth (hers was a VBAC actually) and said now she'll never do it any other way....she loved it! You're a too! Have you read Christ Centered Childbirth by Kelly Townsend? I found it when I was preparing for my 1st VBAC and it changed my life! Its available on Amazon.....I highly recommend it!
good for you sweetie! we made the decision to try a homebirth after our 1st child was born in a hospital and i was not satisfied with how ANYTHING went! have since homebirthed 5 beautiful and extremely healthy children (weights ranging from 8.14oz-10.1lbs. 22.5 in)! ages ranging all the way from 11yrs. old-11 mos. hope to instill in our children that a homebirth should not be viewed as a scary event but as a magical and beautiful day!
I would love to see your But I really would. I mean a God fearing, quiverful, home birther? What more could I ask for? lol

Please write to TLC, bandwagon or not your show is a lot more interesting then J&K I can't stand how reteched she acts and then proclaims the name of God. Not to mention all the other stuff but I digress...Sorry.
That would be fun, I think I'd call it Yee-haw Pregnant Grammaw's something??? BUT I don't think I want peeps in my room while birthing, I have to have it quiet....... "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm having a contraction breeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaathe in and oooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut."

My children were watching Sponge Bob, while in labor with #7, which I can't tolerate un-pregnant. I wanted to be with the family in the den and was laboring on the couch, which I was 3 weeks after my EDD so I wasn't sure if this was really it. I told my children to mute the tv and was a bit on edge, and my husband said, " I think you should go up to our room." I was thinking OK FINE! Then my mdwf calls, who is out of state at a family wedding, wait... wait she is calling me to pretty much tell me I'm in labor LOL!! She asked me how I'm doing I told her that I'm doing the same thing I did last week. She gave heads up to her back up mdwfs they kept wanting to come over but I didn't want to be a watched pot waiting to boil. As I rocked in my glider rocker, I told her that well, I guess I'm in labor if you say so. Just watching her set up, threw me into true labor....LOL!

you look so aweomse!!!! God bless you.
natalia fernandez said:
you look so aweomse!!!! God bless you.

Awwwwwwwwww thanks keep the compliments coming!!!



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