Hi everyone! :) I'm stoked I just joined this community! I'm having my second natural home water birth. I'd just love a shout out of support. Not feeling it so much from friends. Thanks! Ps, I'm due this Saturday! Yay!

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Welcome and Congrats on the new little one! Here is to a Great Birth for you and the little one=))

Thanks! :)

You are a rock star. Have the bestbirth day ever. Beautiful. 

Thank you! :)

Congratulations!  Have you seen http://www.bringbirthhome.com ?  Might be a great resource for you. :)


Lynn and the MBB team

Thanks. I haven't  seen it. I'll check it out.
Thank you for the support. We had Seattle at home on the 13th of this month and it was amazing! I had a fairly long labor compared to the 8 hours of labor I had with my first. I'm soooooo glad that we choose to have our second at home again!!
Thats so Great! I so happy you got to birth at home and welcome your new baby  the way you wanted=))



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