A family in Illinois had their baby removed by Child Protective Services when she had minor complications during a home birth.
Ryan and Melissa Light chose to have a home birth and their daughter Ruth Abigail was born on July 21 at home and one of her shoulders got stuck during birth. She was freed and everything seemed fine. When she was a little fussy, they took her into the ER to get checked out and were told that she had some nerve damage from her shoulders being stuck. A few days later, someone filed a complaint citing medical neglect because she was born at home, instead of the recommended c-section for being breech. She was removed from their home and placed in foster care for about a week until she was placed with Melissa's parents by the state.
During this time, they've been able to see her more frequently, but are now just waiting to get their baby back.
I feel that this community can help this family!!! You can write letters to the state office here:

Jeff Terronez
Rock Island County
State's Attorney's Office
...Fourth Floor - Courthouse
210 - 15th Street
Rock Island IL 61201

Please keep your letters respectful so as not to make the situation worse.

You can also join the Facebook group here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=133054353404631#!/group.php?gid=133054353404631&v=info

I just saw this posted on a friends' wall today and needed to share with as many people, especially since this is pretty close to home for a lot of us!! I had a home birth and can't imagine something like this happening to my family.

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