I was featured in a newspaper article about home birth!

A friend of mine works for the local newspaper, and she found out that one of her coworkers was doing an article series on pregnancy.  So, my friend gave my name and phone number to the reporter and told her that I'd had a home birth.  The reporter did a phone interview with me, and I gave her the name and phone number of my midwife and her business partner.  What came of this blew me away.  We were given a full spread in the paper all about out-of-hospital birth, and it turned out really well.  We were impressed by how the reporter really stayed true to our stories and portrayed them basically as we had told them to her.  She made one tiny mistake in my birth story when she wrote that my baby came out feet first.  He was frank breech, so it was his bottom that came out first, but I'll definitely forgive her that one mistake.

Anyway, if you want to see the stories, here they are: http://heraldextra.com/1e69bb7a-11e6-11df-a20d-001cc4c03286.html

When the stories were posted online the headlines were mixed up.  I hope they'll fix that, but for now my story is the one listed on top under the headline about midwives, and my midwife's story is the second one down under the headline "From Hospital to Home".

I'm thrilled that natural birth and home birth are getting more public attention and I feel honored to be a part of it!

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Those are great articles, Cherylyn. It really paints midwives and homebirths in a positive light rather than the negativity that you'd usually see. I hope that some women are empowered and interested to learn more by reading the articles. Even the part about your hospital births being drug free can be helpful to someone. Thanks for sharing.
cool! (and it appears they fixed the articles too!)
Thank-you for sharing your story, Cherylyn. So glad that the newspaper ran the article about your birth experiences. Great information for other women!



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