I would like to have a VBAC. Does anyone know of any research that may help me prevent my next baby being bigger than necessary?

My labour with my son went for 60hrs (about 14hrsof active labour). I got to 6cm dilated and didn't progress any further.
The midwife fed me some honey for energy that made me vomit which resulted in me getting dehydrated so they gave me an IV for fluids. I had the gas for pain because I was unable to leave the bed. I didn't need any more pain relief but I was convinced to have an epidural to see if it would help me progress further because I didn't want a c-section. An hour later the they gave me an emergency c-section.

I wasn't given any details but they told me he was too big. I heard somewhere that if you had a c-section you would have to have a c-section for every birth so I asked the doctor if I could have a natural birth next time and he said "You will have to have an elective c-section at 38-40 weeks and there is no way you can have a natural birth next time unless the baby comes early on it's own and it is smaller. Which is very unlikely because the next one is going to be bigger". My son was 10lb 10oz.

I've done some research and found an article that said pregnant women that did low impact aerobics or yoga 2-3 times a week had smaller babies. I can't find any other research on that subject.

My cousin said a low G I diet may help and my mother in law said no milk this time (I drank 1 litre a day when I was pregnant).

I'm not going to stick with the doctor but I won't have a choice if I go through the same hospital. I am considering a home birth this time. I think no interventions will make a difference. I'm also losing weight before I conceive this time.

If anyone has heard of anything helpful to my situation that I can look into it is appreciated very much.

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Hello Rebecca,
When I was pregnant with my son, my midwife took out most (if not all) processed sugars from my diet, no pasta, no carbs. I had read that limiting the amount of sugar you eat during pregnancy will grow babies that are just fine, no extra-big. So nutrition is key, just eat lots of vegetables and low-fat protein. Our son was born 5 days before our "due date" and he has 7 pounds and 8 ounces, and 18.8 in tall. He is 21 months old now and big boy :)
hope it helps,
I actually just replied to your other post about birth weight. I was curious though, since the doc didn't give you much info about your first birth, is there any way to get ahold of those records? Were you diagnosed with a true cephalopelvic disproportion? I was wondering because lots of women are told that 10lb babies are just too big, but later are able to do VBAC's that are that big or bigger. I'm not trying to put any pressure on you one way or the other, but I do want to encourage you to get all the information about that first birth, and any information about your pelvic measurements in case you want to get a second opinion about your ability to have a larger than average baby.
Also, check out the unnecesarean.com, there are a lot of anecdotal stories about women having big babies, as well as a lot of support for those who want to try.
I hope that helps, and keep us updated!
I think I can access those files if I wanted to since they are about me. I was hoping to get a glimpse at them when I see one of the midwives at the hospital. But I don't think I can get an appointment without being pregnant and getting a doctors referral first.

I still believe that if I hadn't gone into the hospital last time I could have given birth to him. But my mother was just a little too pushy. I wish I never asked her to be there and that I had listened to my Mother in law. I did however have an infection afterwards but I think they would have fixed that when I would have gone in for a check-up the day after. Even if I stayed home for a few more hours I think it would have helped. Because I didn't go in to be induced the day before they wanted to monitor me constantly. The belts they put on my belly were so uncomfortable. They also made me drink cold water to wake the baby up which I think was wrong so I refused to drink. I think that's when it all went completely wrong because I was dehydrated. Too many interventions even though they weren't drug related interventions.
You don't have to accept continuous electronic fetal monitoring. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists considers intermittent monitoring acceptable. So you can request that during labor, the baby is checked with a hand-held doppler. It will require a nurse to hold the doppler to your belly and write down the heart-tone range. So it would also be wise to request a nurse who supports natural birth.

They WILL want you to "do belts" for the first twenty minutes, though. If you can stand it, go ahead and give that to them. As long as the strip looks good, you don't have to put them on again. And, as you already know, it's essential that you arrive at the hospital well-hydrated. That means you should be drinking about 3 qts. of water per day in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

Best wishes to you!!
I only found out that those belts are not necessary after researching for my next baby. I wish I knew more about my choices last time. I thought I knew a lot but there is so much more that I'm finding out. My cousin is having a baby soon and I don't like her attitude toward her decisions. She won't listen and says "what ever is best for the baby" she says she is being open minded but I think she is opening the doors to a lot of interventions. I guess she'll find out the hard way as most first time mothers do.
True CPD is very rare. I love to tell the story of my second child's birth. My first was 9lb. 5oz., and a traumatic birth, due mostly to fear. My second was 11lb. 8oz., and the shortest labor and easiest birth (though I pushed really hard! Ten years later, my third was born, weighing 8lb. 6oz. Though it was a home birth (an experience I wouldn't trade for the world), it took as long, and was as hard (physically) as my first. (I am 5'6", average build)

Here's the deal: There isn't generally much difference in head circumference of a 9lb. or 11lb. baby. Fat squishes. Refuse induction! Babies are kind of like peaches on a tree. You COULD pull one off a week or two before it's ready, to fit it into the produce box. But it will require pulling, may come off with a leaf attached, and will be hard and not very sweet or juicy. If you wait that last week or two to let it ripen on the tree, it may get a little bigger, but it will be soft, sweet and juicy, and will practically drop into your hand. That's how important those hormones of late pregnancy are!

Relax and trust your body and the process!
Thanks your advice is really encouraging. I agree the baby comes when it's ready, that was also a problem with with my son because I refused to be induced. Even though I went into labour only 1 day after they wanted to induce me. They wanted to monitor me constantly because I was so far over due. I'm going to try have a home birth this time to avoid interventions. I watched a documentary called 'the business of being born'. It was about Births in America. I now understand why so many of the women who respond to my posts (in circle of mums as well) have gestation periods 40 weeks and under. (Because most of the members are American)
I guess 42 weeks gestation is unusual in America?
Yes, that's right - but only because inductions are so rampant!

When I had my first (33 years ago), the doctor really didn't want me to deliver before 40 weeks. Then as I neared the 40 week mark, and was in good health (though had "gestational diabetes," but this was before everyone over-reacted to that, as well), they assumed I would go to 42 weeks. That's exactly what happened.

Sadly, now, rather than 40 weeks being the GOAL, it has become a DEADLINE. And because our efforts to figure out an exact due date are so dreadfully inaccurate, we have a higher rate of prematurity than ever before - due largely to inductions performed, based on a wrong "due date."
call the Natural Birth and Women's Center in Sherman Oaks, CA. They have great Diet info. I had my baby there as a VBAC.



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