Illinois Cesarean rates 2008...IL should be worried!

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From the website above (it was not copying and pasting so i posted it here):

"The Illinois Department of Public Health has demonstrated concern for the state’s rising cesarean rates and making institutional level data and analyses available to the public. The information contained within this post can be easily accessed on their website along with the November 2009 report titled “Trends in Cesarean Deliveries in Illinois Hospitals, 1994-2007.”
My husband's side of the family lives in Illinois, so I asked my mother-in-law which hospital I would most likely go to for a birth if we lived there. The three closest hospitals to them had 38%, 38%, and 32% cesarean rates!! YOWZA!

I am due to have my first baby in September, and we are planning a home birth with an LDM here in Oregon. Given the c-section rates in IL, I think I'd home birth there, too, even though it's illegal for midwives to attend home births in that state...
No surprise here, midwifery is all but illegal in Illinois. CPM's cannot get licensed and CNM's must operate at the direction of a doctor (the vast majority of whom won't agree to it). It's a tragedy and doubtful that it's just coincidence that Illinois is home to the AMA. This all creates unsafe situations for those wanting to have a homebirth and dangerous for those midwives who choose to operate "under the radar." And what's the alternative? Birthing in a hospital with an incredibly high chance of cesarean. What a shame.
Yeah, looks like Illinois has it allll figured out!
clarification - midwifery isn't illegal, home birth, for most intents and pursposes, is.



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