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In short my brother has decided to get married in Mexico over Thanksgiving. (I am getting a lot of pressure to get the H1N1 vaccine and my husband and I are still undecided and doing a lot of research and discussing the pros and cons) I will be approximately 27 weeks pregnant over this holiday.

Regardless, or what we decide on H1N1, I am looking for natural and/or holistic ways to boost immunity in pregnancy. I already take Vit D3. But any other suggestions, supplements, etc. are very welcome!

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I've heard Vit d and probiotics daily in addition to your prenatals. That's what I'm doing because I'm not comfortable with taking the vaccine. Is there a way for you to research the number of outbreaks in the area you're going to?
By the way, vitamin D is a fat soluble substance meaning you can take too much so be sure to check with your doctor or midwife before taking more. :)



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