Ina May Gaskin talks about fear, feminism and "Birth Matters"


Christiane Northrup, MD calls Ina May Gaskin’s newest book, Birth Matters, “a must-read for anyone and everyone who cares about humanity.” I completely agree. In this “manifesta,”  the mother of modern midwifery explains why birth matters not just to women and babies but our society as a whole. We all need to listen to Ina May. One day this woman will be on a postage stamp. But for now, enjoy this internet interview.


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miss ina may such an intelligent woman, i wish i could meet her someday why dont society love her more then the birth culture does everything she says is gospel to my ears lol
I applaud Ina May, as so many others do, for her ability to educate and empower women to have the births they were truthfully meant to have. Every expectant mother (and father!) should read the wisdom Ina shares with the world. THANK YOU, Ina May, without you, our second child, due early August, could potentially be as dangerous as our first. We can only wish to have had read your books before he was born in 2006. Thank you Ina May, Thank you.



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