Has anyone been diagnosed with an incompetant cervix? If so what treatment did you use to carry full term? I had a leep procedure in 2006 almost exactly a year later I got pregnant with my son. At 5 months they discovered my cervix was gone. I was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I did deliver a month early but he was still a healthy 6lbs 9oz! I just found out I'm pregnant again and I am worried about having the same complications. I know every pregnancy is diffrent but I wonder if its possible that my cervix has healed or atleast gotten better? I have heard about Cerclage procedure where thet stitch the cerix up. I did some research and also found out about another possible procedure called Early Total Cervix Occuplation. Has anyone else heard of this? I'm just worried, I don't know what to do.

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I dont have this but, I have heard of women getting there cervix sew up so they can carry longer. I dont know if they will do that for everyone or what or if its the same thing as you said above. I just wish you the best of luck. Sorry I was not much help.
Sorry just remarried the name of it Cercloge not sure i spelled that right.
Thank you very much!
No problem glad i could help=-)
At our hospital if you have a history of incompetent cervix, they usually put the cerclage in early, like 12-14 weeks for the next pregnancy. It works better if it's put in as routine than if they do it when your cervix has already started to open (called a 'rescue cerclage'). Unfortunately if you have a history of incompetant cervix, it usually will continue.
Thank you Ladies! Ive done lots of reserach and I have found that even though there is the possibility of it not hapenng again, it s safer to have a ceclage put in anyways. I have also heard about another procedure called a Total Cevix Occuplation, that procedure sounds lke a better way to go. I dont see my dr till the 16th so I am just nervous.
Best of Luck=-)
Alpha hydroxy progesterone may be something that can be helpful also.



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