Hi everyone,

New to this site but looks great.  I am going to attempt to induce lactation and am trying to get information from anyone who has been successful at it.  I know it can be difficult but would like to try.  My husband and I have a serrogate at this time and is only 2 months along so I have time.  But am looking to hear from anyone who has been successful at it at this time.  Thank u

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You most definitely will need the help of a lactation consultant with experience in this field. I have seen a couple of people be moderately successful at it, with the help of the a fore mentioned lactation consultant, herbal supplements, and therapies such as acupuncture, Where are you located, and have you talked to a professional yet?
I've only read about this. I'm looking forward to the information you get and your journey. Good luck!
Hi everyone just a quick update. As you know I originally wrote that my husband and I are having a child via a serrogate and I am going to attempt to induce lactaion. Over the last month I have begun to work with a lactation consultant. I found one who is familar with adoptive/serrogate situations. Although mine is a bit different as I am also a post operative transsexual as well so a bit more complicated than most. However it has been done in the past and with any luck it will work for me as well. My LC and my Dr have put me on a fairly strict hormonal regime both synthtically produced and herbal suppliments. This is to simulate a pregnancy for the time being. Eventually we will add mechanical stimulation in as well with a breast pump. But we do have 6 months now which they consider the ideal time. Well enough for now. I will keep you posted on my progress.
Thank you to all who have offered their support
Hugs Cheryl
Dear Cheryl, I am trans and wanted to ask a question. Where may I obtain a uterus and ovaries transplant that you had described? It is mentioned that you were one of 50 who had this experimental procedure and I was wondering about the place or contact you have for this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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