Hi everyone! Here is my situation and maybe someone can help me out on here. I am currently unemployed trying to start my own business and a full time student. I haven’t been to a doctor in about 3 years and at that time I had a ovarian cyst that hemorrhaged (yes it healed all is well only hurts when I ovulate from that side keep in mind that was 3 years ago) I’m curious if anyone knows of a insurance company will cover a prenatal exam (by a midwife) and home birth with a midwife in the state of Washington. We are planning on trying to conceive starting in about 6 months so I want to make sure I’m perfectly healthy by then, that is if I’m not perfect…. thanks!

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Blue Cross PPO will cover 50% of midwife and homebirth in Ca. Not sure how it is there.
I know most Midwives try to be flexible and make it work.
Try interviewing with a few and google prenatal care coverage for your area.
IN Ca. we have a lot of stuff that covers moms/babies like "first 5" etc.
If you know of midwives in your area call and ask them for a consultation and they will help you prepare (most likely). They should be able to tell you exactly what insurances they can bill and what will pay or if their cash plan is better ( that wa the case with us). But I would go right to the source and find out all that info directy from the midwives.
One option my midwife gave me, was to go to the doctor pretending I fully intended on delivering there, only to switch back to her during the last month or so. But her costs would have stayed the same anyway. So, I decided to just deal with it.



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