I am interested in becoming a Doula. I live in HI but will be moving to San Diego next year. I am curious to know what kind of schooling it entails and how long it would take me. Any information would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!

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I'm going through DONA, but there are lot's of different programs. I have a friend who is a doula who was certified through Birthing from Within, and what appeals to me about that program is that you are assigned a mentor and then can go through additional schooling to be certified as a mentor. I wasn't familiar with that organization when I started get my certs but the mentorship aspect is something that I think is excellent! DONA is a very reputable organization and the process is very straight forward, I'm enjoying it very much. Good luck!


I don't have the Birthing from Within info but you can google it!

PS It is going to take me till probably the end of the year to finish and I started in July. With DONA you have four years to fill all the requirements from the time you purchase the birth doula certification packet.
Thanks so much Kate for the info!



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