Interesting Article on Anti-depressant Use During Pregnancy...

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That's not very reassuring to me. I'm bipolar and on meds.... I guess I'll have to take my chances and hope for the best. I'm almost 10 weeks along now. I can't go off of them. I just can't.
I am sorry to hear this! I know it is not easy being pregnant and having to doubt something you've been doing and wondering what it is doing to your baby.

Have you ever considered nutritional/mineral deficiencies that may be contributing to a "bi-polar" diagnosis? There are many studies out there proving depletion of nutients/minerals, malabsorbtion issues, gut issues, etc.. and things that trigger depression, bi-polar and other mental illnesses. I know of people personally, who have been able to overcome bi-polar through the use of natural doctors, testing for deficiencies, change in diet, supplementation, etc.. There are alternatives to psychotropics.

I would agree and say not to go off of any drug cold-turkey. It can be very harmful and dangerous. It should only be done slowly and carefully under the supervision of a doctor.
I'm very confident in my belief that these meds do more harm than good. They simply mask the symptoms and do not "cure" the root problem. They are highly addictive and can create serious imbalances in brain chemistry.
This is a really interesting study. I was told for years that I was Bi-Polar, and the docs put me on all sorts of medications for depression, the highs, manic stuff, etc. And I just kept thinking, you know, I'm pretty sure my brain is fine, and my body and nutrition are not. So I started going to naturopaths, and they told me my blood sugar was out of control, and I discovered I was hypoglycemic. We then found a company in Canada that was testing a new vitamin/mineral combination to even out those highs and lows that Bi-Polar is so famous for. And these pills are all natural, totally safe, and they take the place of all those pharmaceutical drugs! I was so excited. Then the combo was sent to Harvard to do all the FDA testing, and now they are in the US....I've been taking them for over 10 years now, and I haven't had ANY problems with depression or manic highs. I even went back to several psychologists and asked to be re-tested for Bi-Polar. All the results came back negative, and they said that's impossible, no one should be able to "heal", and usually people have to take drugs their whole lives to be "sane". I asked them if they knew about this Canadian company, and they said no, they are "real doctors who do not study false herb stuff". Okay, thanks. :) The best part is, the vitamins and minerals in these are completely approved and safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in fact, they've done studies at Harvard that prove the baby benefits from all these nutrients in the womb! I have two healthy, happy sons, and a third one on the way, and I'm always so, SO grateful that we found a way out. It scares me how many things on the market can really harm these innocent little babies....I just went to the dentist the other day, and they wanted to do x-rays ("OBs say they're perfectly safe, just like walking in the sunshine"), antibiotics, and topical and numbing shots ("We don't know what's in the medicine, but we're sure it's safe for pregnant ladies"), and a host of other things- I asked to schedule the cleaning for after the birth. :) Well, sorry to ramble on so much...



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