So here is a strange discussion!

4 weeks ago I began experiencing pain in my left side and UTI symptoms along with what I thought to be my 1st period since giving birth at home 7 months ago. Upon going to the doctors, they casually scheduled me an ultra-sound for several weeks later. However I felt urgency. They refused to listen. The soonest appointment was during a time my husband (Army) was gone for school. I had no child care for my 2 kids. I couldn't make the appointment.

Despite the pain, I continued to walk/jog on my treadmill, do stomach crunches, and push ups, etc for another 3 weeks. Last week I began to bleed again. This time I refused to be casually dismissed. Despite my husband's absense, a kind neighbor who just moved in next door offered to watch my children. (I NEVER trust strangers with my kids - but I had no choice).

Upon going to the ER, I discovered that not only did I have a burst ectopic pregnancy, but I also had an ovarian cyst bleeding into my abdomen. Within 12 hours my husband was on a plane home and a kind family from church took our kids for a few days.

The doctors removed the ectopic along with part of my left tube. They drained the blood from the cysts as well as 12 oz of blood from my abdomen.

Here is the weird part. I had the surgery Wednesday. However my HCG levels are rising like that of a NORMAL pregnancy. The doctors cannot find any evidence of a baby thus far. I go in Monday (tomorrow) for more tests. My doctors are baffled.

I have no clue what is going on. All I know is I am blessed to still be alive. And IF there is a healthy pregnancy going on after all my surgery and ectopic removed, this baby is an absolute miracle! (Updates to follow soon)

What are your thoughts? While you are at it, share YOUR (or your baby's) miracle survival story here! God bless you all! <3

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Wow! You are going through a lot, Mama!

I recently lost a baby at 6 weeks (not ectopic), but my hormones were all over the place and I bled for a long time afterwards. You might just have to wait it out and keep getting blood tests to see what your HCG level is at :/ Waiting is NO fun, but sometimes that's the only thing that reveals answers. I hope you are recovering well!

Thanks Steena,

Yes it is a lot to go through. Not KNOWING all the answers is so hard for me.
Currently my hcg levels have risen from 300 last week to 3,000. However, ultrasound isn't finding anything. Currently they want to schedule more ultrasounds. I told them that until I get test results back from the mass they removed, I don't want any more tests. (Yesterday the person drawing my blood had to ask another worker to help him find a vein they could use. I have great veins. It was due to the fact my arms are so bruised from all their other tests & hospitalizations). Hopefully I'll hear something soon!

On that note, I fell down the stairs today. It really shook me up. I'm glad I landed on my bottom as it absorbed much of the multiple impacts! (I guess sometimes not-so-quick weight loss results are a blessing!)

I bled for 5 week prior to losing my baby and about 6 after. I had multiple blood draws and two ultrasounds. It is SO incredibly frustrating to hear that they don't know anything or see anything wrong. I think it is wise to wait before doing more tests as long as your health seems to be stabilized other than the hormones!

Leila, thank you so much for sharing your story.  Please keep us posted!

Update: I got the results back from analysis on what was removed along with part of my left tube. It was not an ectopic they found but a blood clot. I still have pain in my left side and my hormone levels are still rising. Ultrasounds have revealed a 1cm "thing" inside of my left ovary that Dr.s are fairly certain they haven't seen before.
Instantly they wished to begin a chemo-drip to "make my hormone levels go down". I asked if they could verify the pregnancy was IN the left ovary. They could not. But they cannot see a baby anywhere else anyhow. The only other option I was offered was to have my left ovary removed.

So...if for some reason I have a normal pregnancy they just don't see yet, the chemo-drip will cause major dammage to it. (I am also breastfeeding my baby and after a battle with thrush and candida, I do NOT want to give up now. Doing a chemo-drip will definitely complicate that).

Tomorrow (Monday) I am going to ask about a 3rd option. Can they go in and remove the "thing" from my ovary, sparing chemo-meds and hopefully keeping my ovary in place? This seems more "win-win" to me. If they cannot, I'll ask if any specialists around here can.

So...thus far I'm not sure if the Dr.s removing part of my tube caused this thing to remain in my ovary vs. it being expelled out. The blood clot wouldn't have allowed things to travel regardless. And either way I know they saved my life. But as of right now I cannot help but feel like I was partially neutered possibly unnessisarily. Haha!

My mind just whirls in circles over what may/may not be happening with me. I do know whatever the case may be, it would appear I'll have to make a choice and soon. My life could still be at serious risk due to them "missing the ectopic" the first time (if indeed this is what it was).

Thanks to those who have covered me in their prayers. I definitely need them! :)

Update: Okay I was wrong about something. It isn't a chemo-drip. It is a pair of shots they administer via your cheeks. The ones you sit on.

Last month I ended up getting the Methotrexate. The doctors swore there was no viable pregnancy happening anywhere. They couldn't detect where the baby was, but they knew where it wasn't. It wasn't implanted in the uterus. The doctors said this was the best option because they didn't want to keep removing my female parts in the hopes they'd removed the ectopic in case they missed again. This would just result in unnecessary surgeries and a lack of female organs. 

After 1 week, they said my hcg levels hadn't dropped rapidly enough so I had another dose of methotrexate. It was so awkward so as a joke, my husband drew large smiley faces on each of my butt cheeks. The nurse cracked up! ANYHOW...This 2nd dose caused heavy bleeding, extreme pain, and large chunks of tissue to pass. As morbid as this sounds, I froze it and took it to the hospital. They sent it in to be examined. My doctor called me a few weeks later to say it was a strange sample. It was definitely MY uterine lining but there was evidence of placental tissue. She said that although my left tube had shown a blood clot, there had also been evidence of implantation site on the tube. 

The whole report is just so confusing and doesn't make sense to me (or the doctors!) I broke down and cried. Just hearing all that made me feel like I'd lost my baby all over again (even if he/she had no chance to begin with). I did everything I knew how to protect and keep my baby safe in case the pregnancy really was a normal one. But upon their insistence that it wasn't and I needed the shots ASAP to prevent a rupture somewhere, I went ahead and did it. Even if they were right, it doesn't make it easy.

Since then, I've been bleeding off and on again. I've passed more lining. Sometimes my left ovary hurts so badly it feels like it's going to burst. I was seen for this. My doctor said it is possible that because I have a partial tube remaining on the left side, it could have blood entering it. As there is no place for it to escape, the tube could be slightly inflating. She said it is also normal during a period to have blood enter the abdomen a little bit. At this point I don't consider my random, at one point 3 week non-stop bleeding to be a "period". They gave me Tylenol with codeine to help cope with the physical pain.

The question is: Is this my new normal now? Extreme left-sided pain on/near my ovary? It hurts worse in the evenings. Sometimes significantly so. I refuse to accept this as a normal thing.

Last Friday the doctor put in an order for Radiology to call me this week. (She wanted to see if something more was going on). They never contacted me. I will try calling them this Monday.

All I want are answers that make sense, a reasonable remedy, and my life back. 

Oh, and one more thing. Due to the strange nature of all this, the doctor suspects I had twins. One near my tube, and one in my ovary. But it is something I will never know for certain until I reunite with them in heaven. (I have 2 other babies there already. Before my home-birth to a 10lbs 14oz baby girl, I had back-to-back miscarriages. My daughter, Selah, was conceived straight after that - when we WEREN'T trying).

*Fun fact: My daughter was born in the hour of 4am, shortly before Rikki Lake appeared on one of those early morning shows talking about home births! It was an AWESOME day to give birth. And knowing this just made me feel more validated in my choice. My husband supported and labored with me every step of the way - but not all his family were too happy with our choice at all (to the point of mean-spirited comments on my FB wall, etc.) So it really made me smile.  



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