Hey everyone,
I am so happy at how fast our group has grown! there are some wonderful people here! I'd love to get to know you all and i'm sure you'd love to get to know one another!
So please, introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about who you are and why your here! :)

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Hey everyone, :)

my name's Sara, I'm 25 years old and mother of two boys, L (4.5yo) and V (22mo). L was breastfed with no issues until he was 4y1m1d old. I nursed him all through pregnancy, and he and V tandemnursed for 1y5.5m. V is still going strong, and I have no plans to wean him anytime soon. :) Both kids started solids late (L at 9.5m, V at 12m) and are now absolutely uncomplicated, they'll eat pretty much anything.
Myself, I'm currently a SAHM, although I'm training to be a doula. I'm also a lactation consultant and a babywearing instructor. Birth and babies are my passion! *g*
My name is Kaitlin, hi everyone!

Here's my story: engaged to Eric, mother to Ella Rose, 9 months who was born at home. She's got one little tooth poking through right now, which makes her kisses hurt! (she bites my bottom lip)

We've been a breastfeeding pair since 15 minutes after birth and have done very well the entire time. I LOVE feeding her, and am glad to be part of a group of other mothers who love breastfeeding too.

I'm planning on letting her as long as she wants. She's definitely interested in food now though, like a little puppy at our plates during each meal. Hates baby food unless I make it myself, has never taken a bottle or choo-choo.

Recently I've got this friend who asks me to go out after I put Ella down and I've had to decline...Ella always wakes up after I put her down at least 2-3 times before I actually go to bed myself and I'm the only one who can put her back down. It's hard to decline, and I do want to go, but just can't! Her obvious disappointment makes me feel bad, and being a people pleaser, makes me wish Ella would take a bottle sometimes.

Looking forward to being a part of this group!
Hello! I am Andi. I am 22 and have two wonderful children with another one on the way. Noah is three and was only breastfed for a few short weeks due to my lack of knowledge and having no support whatsoever. I felt like such a failure, and vowed that it would never happen again with another child of mine. I researched relentlessly, and am currently nursing my 23 month old. I plan to tandem nurse as long as she wants to continue after the new baby is born. I am now a CLS (certified lactation specialist) and will be taking the IBCLC exam next year. I am extremely excited and nervous about that! I have been working with nursing moms in my local WIC office for just over a year now, and am proud to say that our county's breastfeeding rates are now well above the national average, and my goal is to keep getting them higher and higher!



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