Is a pregnant healthy 41 at risk of stillbirth solely based on age?

Hi y'all! I need to vent abt an incident that happened today that still has me very upset:  even though im having a home birth, i still visit an obgyn practice where i get all my tests done (my midwife knows)  Today, being in my 37th week, i had the strep b test appt.  They do not support my decision to homebirth and i know that.

But today, when i got there, the doctor sent a nurse in prior to her seeing me and strapped me on a baby haeart monitor with a print out equipment and started monitoring the babys heartbeat.  I was shocked and thought they had found something abnormal in my tests, but the nurse told me everything epwas just fine.

When the doctor came in, she too said that everything was fine, but that regardless i am considered a high risk patient for my age (41) and i can have a stillbirth at any moment.  This being my 3rd pregnancy (i have an 8 and 6 natural births at a local hospital) did not know what a stillbirth was, so i asked and she went into great details as to how it happens to people that are full term and perfectly normal pregnancies.  She was trying to convince me that just because of my age (my record is just perfect) i need to go twice a weektodo sonograms and heart monitoring etc.  I do not intend to go back AT ALL, but im so upset with the incidence, especially cause thatninfo was not even in my realm of awareness!

I told what happened to my oldersister later on and she was in agreement with the doctor that i am "too old" and yada yada yada.  I almost bursted into tears just thinking how i have "gone to Home Depot to buy fresh milk".  Im so upset now i thought i needed support from a like-minded mothers who had gone this route before and the comfort of midwives who have taken care of healthy pregnant forty some women and also those who had experience with stillbirths. What other last minute out ofthe blue complications can arise with a otherwise healthy pregnancy? Thanks!


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Hi Amelia,


I believe it is empowering to be educated, informed and research pregnancy health at any age, and for your team of practitioners to support that, with love and care.  Every woman's body is unique and responds differently, team up with a practitioner that will assist you to know and offer the best health protocol for your body, and pregnancy.



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Thanks for ur words Nicole! I guess i should have known better!
No judgement Amelia.  You're welcome, and please keep us all updated on your pregnancy and beyond.

No judgement Amelia.  You're welcome, and please keep us all updated on your pregnancy and beyond.  Also, you may find The Birth Support Kit helpful,

I am a nurse-midwife and have taken care of many mothers who were older.  As a general rule, my clients who've been older have been in optimal health, and I've not had any older mom have a problem.  Your state of health is vastly more important than your age.  Stillbirth can happen to anyone.  Yes, the risk seems to be slightly higher for older moms--but you need to remember that these figures are based on the general population, who is generally not in excellent health.  Older moms also have more commonly had infertility treatments, which may result in multiples, which can result in higher risk of complications.  All these numbers are lumped together and averaged out, but they are only an average and not an indication of what will happen to you.  I wrote a post on my blog entitled "The hysteria about "elderly" mothers".  I include references to some of the research that has suggested women who are older are at higher risk, and why I think they don't have to be.  Keep healthy and positive, and have a beautiful home birth!
Thanks for ur support! It comforts me to know ur experience. Yes! I will have an easy and beautiful home birth!



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