To start wanting another baby this soon?

My youngest son is 15 months, and i find myself dreaming about having another baby - im only 18 - and i do have 2 children so really theres no rush or anything and i try NOT to think about it but when i see pregnant women or little babys i find myself getting jealous. At this stage i am in a newish relationship so i no it needs to wait - but i cant seem to stop thinking about it.

On a happyer note :)

In just 10 days time i start studying, one year of health studys then 3 yrs of mifwifery - im so excited i believe midwifes are a benifit to mothers - because u get the support you need :) 

i myself have 2 children who i had very young, but had both naturally and without any pain relief - first was a natural hospital birth, 2nd was a water birth at a birthing centre and when i do have another one in the future im planning on a home water birth :)

Good luck to all expecting mothers :D

Here is a new pic of my sons - Khayle(Kale) And Rhyden :)

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My last bub is just 6 months now and I've been wondering about another one myself. She's my 4th and I people seem to think that I've got a lot of kids. Some are not above making snarky comments. My mom had 4 children too, so IMO six kids would be a lot. LOL.

If I ever did have another I'd have to fly over to NZ to have it because homebirth is no longer an option for me here in AU since I have had a c/s. Even though my last bub was born at home, the new restrictions would put me into the hospy for L&D.

Good to have another midwife on the way who loves motherhood.
Thats insane, i was looking thru this site earlier and i find it INSANE that in some places its pretty much illegal - here in NZ the birth care and that sort of stuff is all really good thank god!

5 kids would be alot if you had another one, but as long as the kids are looked after and loved thats all that matters, i no of a lady whos had her 6th baby - first 2 where taken off her and she cant even look after 1 let alone the 4 she has in her care

yeah ive always been passionate about motherhood and midwifery - since before i even got pregnant with my first - midwiferys always what ive wanted to do and thankfully i have alot of support and still talk to one of my midwifes i had and shes great!
yup, normal. :-) VERY normal. I had literally just delivered our first when I wanted to start trying again! lol

Sounds like you have your plate full with your boys, your studies and a relationship! All the best for a successful future in midwifery!
Thanks alot :)
Start in just 2 days now - so excited :D

P.S - Im DEF not going to try - just found it a little hard since has the miscarrage in november, and altho i dont wish it on anyone it was prob for the best really, at this point in time anyway - i no i have alot more important stuff that i need to do, including getting a decent career and spending time wif my sons and also making my relationship work :)
I'm one of those that had five:) But adore all of them and am pretty sure I'm done:) After my fourth, I was pretty sure I was going to have one more. Now that they are getting older, I don't necessarily feel the baby bug anymore, but I do like to help other mothers out with their little ones. Plus I work in L&D so maybe that fixes it all. I do adore little newborns though. At some point(we need to add on to our house:)), I would like to do foster care for little ones. If the newborn bug has got you, but don't feel up to another one yet, I really think it is helpful to help out other new moms. We all could use a little bit of help, don't ya think:)
After my 3rd I felt so good I found myself thinking I can't wait to do this again right after I gave birth. Needless to say I am now pregnant with number 7, I had wanted to wait a few years for this one but I guess it was time! I have been at both ends and in between, immediately wanting another and wanting to wait ( I don't think I am ready to quit though)! All feelings are normal, they are our feelings and we are entitled to them.
Thanks guys :)

im def not ready to acutally handle another child - a 4 and a half yr old and a 15 month old = HARDDDD work! plus me and my partner want to wait till after(and if) we are marryed and i want to have a decent career :)

baby bug just has me atm, and im hoping it passes when i get busy with studying :)
i had a miscarrage about 2 months ago, and its been since that so im guessing thats pretty normal also?
I did have a miscarriage also, and I noticed that my desire for a baby was so strong after that. I don't know how it is with other people, but I had been planning and preparing for a baby..then miscarried at 16wks. So, it was a hard blow. I just say..whatever you are feeling is normal:)
I totally get you on this!!! I thought I was the only one who was crazy!! I am 23 and pregnant with my third. I have a 5 year old and a 16 month old. The other night I was lying in bed with my husband and enjoying feeling our baby move I said " Its going to be so sad not to feel this ever again" This is supposed to be our last baby. Its a girl and I have 2 boys. I don't think my husband wants more and financially I don't think we can afford more, but I would love to have another one after this. I'm already thinking about another one and I'm still pregnant!! I am going to nursing school and then onto midwifery and hoping that will curb my want for more children! Good luck to you and I definatly share your feeling.
My son is now three. I have had the baby bug ever since I was a little girl. I went against my natural instincts when son was 3 months old and got the Depo shot. WORST decision of my life. They took a prego test and it was neg. They gave me the shot and 2 weeks later there was a little grey blob in the toilet. I don't know if it was a miscarriage or not but I did not receive another shot. I was still recovering from a c-section at the time so it might have been some of my inner lining being healed. But it made me feel like I had done something wrong. That shot plus anti -depressants made me gain 40 pounds. It has been three years since he was born and I have not been able to conceive again. I found out last week that I am not ovulating. So that would be the cause. I blame it all on not following my instincts. I constantly have a longing for another child but then it makes me feel bad that I want another one so bad and not focusing that energy on the son I already have.
I want to try again but I have a lot of healing from a very trauatic birth experience with my son. My hubby and I are waiting until my son is at least 3 to try again. The wait is hard but it is for the best.
i fully agree - hard but worth it!



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