Is my progression typical? Atypical? Any predictions?

Had my "36" week OB appt today ('technically' I'm 35 wks 6 days, but you know how accurate that is) and found out I'm 1.5 cm dilated and 75% effaced and baby's head is quite low (though I don't feel any pressure or anything different than the rest of my pregnancy).

My doc seemed to think I was ahead of the average woman at this stage, but also said some women can be 4-5 cm dilated and not have started labor so it doesn't mean I'm gonna be super early. I certainly hope so! I'd like to keep her in there for another 2 weeks if possible (READ: I'm NOT ready. My house is not ready. My dogs need baths...LOL).

For those of you in the field (midwives, nurses, etc) what is your experience with stats like mine?

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YEAH I know someone who was 10cm for a WEEK at term with no contractions and no reason like "incompetent cervix" and finally let her midwife break her water and the baby flew out! But she didn't let her for a week! Love it.
Hey, was in this in CA? This story sure sounds familiar...
Every woman is different so try not to worry! I had my 40 week appt, where I was 1-2 centimeters with no real signs of labor... I even got the "induction speech"... and then 12 hours later I was holding my daughter in my arms! You never know. Good luck!
Means not one thing but if I was your doula, I would be so happy for you:) I do know excitement can delay advancing hormones for birth, that is why I would be excited but ask Mom to not be:)
Well...week 38 & 39 (today) found me at 3cm and 90% effaced and +2 slooowww progress, but something I guess. I hope I'm 'ready' by next week...
This is a good article in your EDD. Hopefully it will give you some patience, and a sense that you're doing the best thing for your baby.
I say not to worry too much if the baby is comfortable inside and lotta fluids to float around in. 41 weeks and 6 days was my second baby. Waited and waited and waited ... longest wait. I was beyond ready but she will not come until my doctor said okay we will set a time for induction for Monday. And there she was Sunday.



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