Is my progression typical? Atypical? Any predictions?

Had my "36" week OB appt today ('technically' I'm 35 wks 6 days, but you know how accurate that is) and found out I'm 1.5 cm dilated and 75% effaced and baby's head is quite low (though I don't feel any pressure or anything different than the rest of my pregnancy).

My doc seemed to think I was ahead of the average woman at this stage, but also said some women can be 4-5 cm dilated and not have started labor so it doesn't mean I'm gonna be super early. I certainly hope so! I'd like to keep her in there for another 2 weeks if possible (READ: I'm NOT ready. My house is not ready. My dogs need baths...LOL).

For those of you in the field (midwives, nurses, etc) what is your experience with stats like mine?

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You are right on track! Where a cervix is at 36 weeks doesn't necessarily determine when you will deliver. I almost expect all my clients to be at least 1 cm at 36 weeks. If they aren't dilated, and the cervix is long and hard, I start my clients on essential fatty acids 4-6 caps/day for the rest of pregnancy.
Don't worry about delivering early! Your doctor was just probably trying to be encouraging, letting you know how perfectly your body works!
I've been doing cervical pictures for My Beautiful Cervix, and my last pic at 24 weeks showed me to be 1cm dilated (if my mw were to stick a finger in, which she didn't)

my mom was one of those women your ob mentioned. she was 5cm dilated with all us kids in her last month and had short labors.

you do know you don't have to have cervical checks right? they tell you nothing other than what your cervix is doing right that moment.
How in the world do you get cervical pictures?

The doc asked permission to check my cervix.... I wanted to know what my cervix was doing at that very moment. It's interesting info so why wouldn't I want to know?
i meant no offense.
I only mentioned because more often then not I've heard women say "oh.. i can refuse?"
Not saying you can't know or you shouldn't know, but it can lead to disappointment if you don't go into labor like say tomorrow..

Are you prepared to go to term or past?

check out you insert a speculum, shine a light if needed and take a picture. =)
I wasn't really offended, just confused :-) as to why it would be a bad thing to know.
Wasn't expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised to find SOMETHING was happening with my cervix.

I'm prepared to go to week 41 and then from there it will depend on what my doc and I think is best. Now tell me you didn't do the photo ALL by yourself :-O
Are you the same cervical photographer that took pictures of your cervix thoughout your cycle to document the changes and fertility signs and mucus? I saw that, forwarded from Frontier, my school. It's great!
" Cervical dialation means you're preparing for labor, but its not an indicator of when labor will start or when babe will be born. When I was 36 weeks with my son I was 2 cm, and stayed that way until 41 weeks when I went into natural labor and then I started to dialate more rapidly. "

Darn ;-) Was "secretly" hoping I was closer to the end. I would love to go into labor around week 38. LOL. Ah well...since then I've talked with enough people to know my dilation now has little to no bearing on that. One of my coworkers, who is old enough to be my mother, told me she was dilated to 6cm for 6 weeks!!! Of course they also though her due date was 6 weeks ultrasounds then I guess. but still SIX WEEKS off? Then again she was on birth control when she got pregnant so they probably had no clue.
I had a friend who was 8cm from 37 wks on and 9 1/2 at her 40 wk check. Her midwife came to her house and felt like she couldn't leave with her that dilated(but not in active labor), so after trying some labor tinctures(that didn't work) she broke her water and her baby was born 23 min later. I was 4 at 37 wks, but didn't deliver till 40. It's all a waiting game. :)
Wow I like your friend's story...=)
:) She didn't. Well, not that she disliked it, but she said that she preferred being able to labor a bit and work up to the intensity of pushing instead of being thrown in to it.
Hmmm...I guess if it was really bad and sudden, but still only 23 minutes! I would take that in a jiffy! I think...
Not bad, but transition and pushing are very mentally and physically intense, and the other parts of labor are preparation for that. So without it it's sort of like riding the roller coaster with just the REALLY big drop, it's not bad, but the entire ride is preferable.

I didn't mention that her previous birth was 2 1/2 hours so it was pretty short to begin with.

Anyhow, doesn't really matter anyway, everyone experiences birth differently. Good luck in your home stretch!



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