i have two amazing handsome, beautiful boys. Junior who is 2 and Mason who is 7 months. Both of my birth experiences were terrible and has really left me wondering if i can go through it again.
I am originally from England and so i was not familiar with the system over here. I had a doctor when i was pregnant with Junior. I was 4 days overdue when they decided to start me off on Pitocin. I had conractions after that. They took me off the Pitocin overnight so m body could take a break from the drug. The nest morning they started it up again. 24 hours after first starting on Pitocin they finally broke my waters. Only 6 hours later they told me i was going to have to have a c-section. I was devastated but decided the doctor new best. Not more than 30 minutes later i was on the table with the curtain in front of my face, strapped to a table. I was vomiting while they took Junior out of me. I heard him cry, and i cried. but i couldnt hold him. they shown me him at a glance then took him away, and i fell asleep because of the drugs. An hour later i got to hold my son for the first time and i didnt let him go until i left the hospital! When Junior was 8 months i found out i was pregnant and decided that this time was going be different. I went to see a Midwife in the hospital and the plan was to try for a VBAC. Both myself and the midwife were a little worried about the size of the baby as my 1st was 9lb 9oz and my pregnant belly was a lot bigger this time around. I had an ultrasound at 39 weeks and they estimated MAson to be 11lb. The midwife told me that she would not induce me and would let me go 2 weeks over. The next day she called and told me i should have a c-section, and again i was devastated. I was sleeping when Mason was born. I remember him crying and not much else. I cant really remember my fist look at him as i was so out of it. I have been doing a lot of research and have decided to become a midwife. I want to help women do what they want with their birth and not what the doctors want. I want to make a change in America and help and enchourage women that they CAN do what they want. To take control of thier bodies and life. I just hope that with my next baby i will be able to bring him into the world the way i want... drug free and natural and most of all at home. Do you think this is possible after 2 c-sections?

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So sorry you've had horrible experiences! I really can't imagine your pain. I have no information for you, but I do want to encourage you! I can only say I hope you can find the information you need and people who can help you.

I am curious, did your Mason turn out to be 11 pounds? Did they conclude that they were right to order a c-section?
Mason was 10lb 7oz. my original 'due date' was 9/11 and then they pushed it back to 21/11.. so i think they should not have changed the 'due date'. i just wanted a great experience and it wasn't. i am afraid that next time i am pregnant no midwife will even see me because i have had two c-sections. i have heard of people having VBACs after two c-sections. but i dont think they will do it for me. me and my husband want another two children in about three years. by then, i aim to have all the knowledge and information to be able to have a VBAC.
I'd like to suggest these two websites as starting points for your research on finding support. Good Luck.
Yes, there is hope!
Here in San Diego, on Mother's Day, a friend/colleague had a beautiful home birth of her fourth baby. Her first three were C-Sections. ANYTHING is possible! :)
It may be hard to find a midwife to take you, but it doesn't mean you can't. There is a yahoo HBAC group where women do have HBAMC somewhat often. I wouldn't give up hope yet. I know here in Chicagoland there are only 2 or 3 OB's who will do VBA2C, but they have a decent success rate. I would start looking well before you get pregnant so you can have a plan in place.



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