Ok, I'm curious. Looks like there are quite a few homebirthers out there and many women who have had multiple homebirths. I'd like to know how that impacted you financially? Did you have insurance who covered you or did you have to pay out of pocket? I know that was a major issue when I decided to go with the in-hospital CNM with my last birth. I loved my midwives, but think I might have considered homebirth if it would have been covered by insurance....even partially. My insurance would only cover an in-hospital CNM.....no lay or direct-entry midwives. Thanks!

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Insurance companies cover CNM's for homebirths like me. Cara
Hi Cara! (Wow, a bit starstruck....collecting myself....wink). Yes, you're right...my insurance would have covered a CNM, but unfortunately the only CNMs in my area are in-hospital. I just think the insurance parameters need to be widened.



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