Is anyone else having this issue?

I would really love to rent these and possible recommend them, but not if it's not working.


Katherine Barron

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I'm trying to order it through iTunes too.  It says it's reformatting or something like that.  Not sure what's going on.  I really would love to see them tonight.  

YES! I am having the same problem... It says, not available purchase because the item is being modified. :-(

I'm currently sick in bed & when it came across my email that the individual rentals were going to be $.99 for this week, I was SO excited to be able to see it....

Hope they can get it fixed soon!!!

Yep, just ran into the same problem.

Just checking back in to say that I was finally able to rent Part 1 today! Yay iTunes!

Hope you other ladies are able to get it to work for you too...

I believe the glitch has been fixed!

Thank you for your support. :)

Lynn and the MBB team



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