Hi there..
my name is Seaason and i am a happy mother of 4 gorgeous kids.. ((no bias at all..LOL)) but this is the story of our youngest son, Joplin William Wallace.
when my waters broke on the tuesday, i was 38 weeks pregnant and SO ready to have this baby, it was the end of the Australian summer , and still really hot where i live ((in the tropical regions)) it was 4:30 in the afternoon and i needed to organise my other kids before going to hospital, u know the story..
anyway, my sister takes the kids, and we go to the hospital, only to be told, "come back tomorrow morning if u havnt gone into labour", so we head home, a little dejected.
that night needles to say,that night, we didnt get much sleep, every cramp, pull or pang i felt, i thought it was labour, but turned out to be a false alarm..:(
so the next morning we goto the hospital, the examine me ,and tell me again "go home & come back tomorrow morning if u havnt gone into labour" >(
so we head home, a little more dejected, but that night i did indeed go into labour, and after 5 hrs of active labour and vomiting on my husband & midwife, on 6am Thursday the 26th day of March, we welcomed our beautifully perfect baby boy Joplin William Wallace into the world......
all was good...
for about 24 hrs.......
when it was time for me to take my beautiful baby home to meet the rest of his family, but the pediatritian had other ideas..
u see, Joplin hadnt passed his meconium ((1st baby poo)) and that apparently is cause for concern after 24 hrs.. so we stayed at the hospital for another day for some tests & Xrays..
they sent me home on Saturday morning to get some sleep as i was just a mess sitting at the hospital...
i was home for an hour when the phone rang, it was the Special Care Baby Unit @ the hospital..
"we are transferring your baby by emergency flight to a better equipped hospital, u need to be here within an hour if u want to go with him"
i nearly died
so i had a really quick shower to wash the stress away & start again, while i was in there my husband packed me a bag to take ((u can imagine how that turned out, 1 skirt, 6 tshirts, & 1 bra...LMAO, anyhoo))
i get back to the hospital and they are getting ready to pack my baby into the ambulance and take him to the airport tarmac..
before we got there[the better equipped hospital] i was told that he would be having emergency surgery as soon as we arrive, bt i still didnt know what was wrong??!!
but once i had arrived, that was not to be, a small asian man who i found out was to be our surgeon came to introduce him self, he was very infectious with his smile and warm handshake, u coudnt help but like him, i guess he worked hard to be that way, coz he often had to deliver hard news...
he sat me down and explained that they where doing tests for two different things Cystic Fibrosis & Hirschsprungs Disease, i had heard of CF b4, but never HD..
a few days later after biopsies & contrast barrium xrays, the finally told us,..
our baby has Hirchsprungs Disease..
its a genetic defect wherein the intestine is lacking "ganglion cells" so basically his bowel sat tight and paralized, insteadof pliable and massaging the waste down, it restricts passage, causing blockages, it can be fatal..
our only option was to have whats called a "pull through" operation, where they removed the diseased portion of colon and re-atach it to the anus.
but Joplin developed enterocolitis((serious intestinal infection)) days b4his operation was due at 2 weeks old, so instead of a pull thru, they did a colostomy, our baby has a colostomy bag..
it was very difficult to come to terms with the fact that i didnt make him right, what could i have done better??, why me??, boohoo!!,.. but we stayed at Ronald McDonald house and i gotta say, that place saved me from getting post natal depression again, just being surrounded by other families in the same situation, worry for a sick child, made it bearable..
Anyway Joplin is now 3 months old, he still has the colostomy bag, hes healthy, very happy, and gaining weight like a soldier, he has to eat ever 2 hrs because hes missing 1/3 of his intestine, but thats ok, and my other kids think it makes him even more special, coz other babies dont have it, my daughter even went and drew stomas on all her dolls :))

anyway, thats a brief,(G) rated insight into our babies fight for his life,
here is a Video i made after we finally came home..

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