Hello to all,

I am new here. I'm not pregnant yet but doing my research since we plan to start trying next year. I have Kaiser Permanente as my insurance and I want to have a home birth or at a birthing center but either way, I want the water birth. I know that Kaiser will cover 100% in hospital but I don't want that. Has anyone gotten around it and had it covered or some/most of it? Thank you so much for your help!

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I'm right there with you! I also have Kaiser and am doing my research pre-pregnancy. I plan to get pregnant this summer, and I am researching almost constantly now trying to figure something out. I'll share what I find with you. I live in California, how about you?

I am determined to have a water birth, so, I may even ask if I can bring my own birthing tub (you can buy one online for a little over $100) to the Kaiser hospital. For now, I'm trying to find out what Kaiser offers. I think a lot depends on where you are. I read about a Kaiser in Oregon that allows water birth. So, let me know if you're near me, and we can share info! :)

Good luck to you!
I live in California as well! I've heard that there are a few innovative Kaiser's that allow water births but still researching in my area. The water tub idea is definitely a great one and I'll be asking my hospital when I get to that point (not pregnant yet). I'll definitely keep you up to date if I find out anything else. Thanks for replying!
You're welcome...I realized after I replied that you wrote that in November last year! I'm so glad you are still active here. So, I live in Menifee (near Riverside-Southern California). What area are you in?
I live in Mira Loma so also near Riverside.
If you live near Woodland Hills, you're in luck!
Orange County too! This is looking promising as far as midwives go, but I still don't know about water birth.
I think that would be too far for me. Ugh. Maybe I can email her in the future and find out what KP she recommends in the Inland Empire since it seems she's part of a few associations.
Yeah, it's far for me too. We don't want to be driving far when we're in labor. ;) But if we find one close to one of us, it will probably be close to the other. :)
Hello All!
It feels good to know that there are other women in the same boat as me. I am so proud to say that I am 7 weeks pregnant with our first child. Ever since I can remember I've wanted to have children and I have been planning my birth for years! Long ago I set my hear on an all natural water birth. My husband and I were so blessed with a pregnancy after only 2 months of trying. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to change our insurance plan and now we are stuck with Kaiser. I'm doing all the research I can to try to figure out how to make this work. They don't seem to have many facilities that will accomidate water birth. Kaiser does however have midwives on staff but you basically get whomever is available the day you go into labor. I was hoping to meet with my midwife throughout my pregnancy and form a relationship with her before I trust her in delivering my first child. I did ask the harbor city medical center if they would allow me to provide my own birthing tub and they turned me down. I live in southern California and will be letting you know if I find out any information.
Hi Natalie. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thanks for letting us know about the midwives but it's too bad that you won't have anyone to bond with. Also, that's terrible that they won't allow you to have a birthing tub. Did they give a reason why? Yes, please let us know if you find out anything more. Thanks!
Congratulations!!! So do you live near the coast?
Thanks for the info on the midwives. I feel the same about it. I don't want some stranger to be that involved with something so intimate and special. I want someone I can trust and know they have my (and my baby's) best interest in mind.
I was also hoping to bring my own tub, but maybe we can still find one that will allow it...or we'll just have to form a coalition and revolt against Kaiser. :P So when you say that they don't seem to have many facilities that will accommodate water birth, does that mean that there are some that do???

So glad you joined the conversation. :)
I agree with the coalition! LOL! There is a kaiser in Oregon that accomidates water birth and one in Sacramento I believe but I'm still trying to find one in Southern California. I have my next Doctors apt. on June 14 so I'm hoping she can give me some answers.



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