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I am new here. I'm not pregnant yet but doing my research since we plan to start trying next year. I have Kaiser Permanente as my insurance and I want to have a home birth or at a birthing center but either way, I want the water birth. I know that Kaiser will cover 100% in hospital but I don't want that. Has anyone gotten around it and had it covered or some/most of it? Thank you so much for your help!

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A coalition sounds good! :) Hopefully there is one close by that does water birth's or at the very least water labor's. I know that the tub will help tremendously and there's a lower chance of having to have a c-section which I really, really don't want.
Here's what a nurse out here sent me in a message where I inquired about a referral outside Kaiser being covered by insurance. (BTW she said it wouldn't be covered even if I did get a referral). "Our Labor and Delivery in Riverside tries to accommodate your birth plan as long as it does not interfere with yours or baby's care. You can take showers, use the birthing ball or walk during labor, again as long as the baby and you are doing well." This doesn't sound incredibly welcoming to me. And it really doesn't sound like they will accommodate water birth, but I'll keep trying. :/
Was this a nurse from Kaiser? So just to clarify, Kaiser will not cover any outside care. It feels good to know we are making progress! Just pray that each of us will be able to find a Kaiser near us that will allow us to have a water birth and that the midwife we get the day of our delivery will be wonderful! I'm going to look at how much it costs out of pocket to hire a midwife for the delivery. Another fear i have is that Kaiser is too quick to enduce labor and scedual a C section. I want to have an intervention free labor as much as possible.
The nurse was from Kaiser. I had sent an email asking about midwives, and she replied.

Same here. I don't want any interventions at all. And water birth could eliminate a lot of problems for everyone if they'd just let us do it! They do seem, to me as well, very quick to schedule C-sections and induce labor. I refuse to have inducement unless either I or the baby will die or have long term health problems, and the same goes for C-sections. The trouble is, I'm afraid that they will try to guilt us into getting these things done "in the best interest of the baby" which may not be true... I certainly plan to have a "birth plan" and listing my decisions there, but is that legally binding to the doctors? Or can they just decide what to do regardless of my decisions?

I have called/emailed some midwives and birthing centers. I found a midwife for $4000 (you can't have her for JUST the birth; you have to use her prenatal and postpartum care as well. I figured I'd use Kaiser's prenatal/postpartum and pay less to have the midwife for just the birth, but the midwives need to get to know you, and you them). A birthing center is around $5000-$6000, according to my little bit of research.
My husband and I plan on having four kids, so paying $16000+ total is out of the question. I have to deal with Kaiser, or have my baby with no help at all (which I've been considering, but wouldn't feel comfortable with the risk).

This will definitely be in my prayers as well. :)
Funny thing is I've accually been concidering an unassised home birth as well! But I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened. Sounds like our birthing plans are excactly the same. It's my understanding that the Doctors have to have your permission and even your signature in some cases for everything they do. I'm just going to make it very clear what my birthing plan is put my trust in God that he will take care of the rest. Our bodys were made to deliver babys. I'll probably go through most of my labor at home too. I've been doing my research a head of time to know the facts of labor. It's intersting to me that Doctors will induce labor or even do a C-section if your water has been broken for 10 hours or more due to the "danger to the baby". But I have found out that you can labor for more than 24 hours after your water has broken without any danger to the baby. I agree with you, the cost for a midwife is much too expensive to pay out of pocket. I'm going to continue my hunt though. I am determined to have the labor I want. I'll keep you posted.
What about water labor? I just need to know that we can have the tub in there.
Unfortunatly, I have not found any Kaiser location yet that has tubs at all even for labor. And so far I haven't found a location that will allow a tub to be brought in either. I'm still looking though.
Like Natalie said, we can labor mostly at home in water... at the very, very least. I'm feeling really discouraged about this, especially after the nurse's email to me. :/ I don't understand why they wouldn't allow it. Kaiser is all about preventative medicine and forward thinking...why are they lagging behind here???
Just sent an email to member services. We'll see what happens. :)
It's very frustrating! I think it's all about liability. Plus they make more money with C sections! Good idea about sending an e-mail to member service.
Good. Hopefully they can give good news and that sucks if they won't let tubs in.
Well, I'll say one good thing for Kaiser, they're quick to respond: "I have spoken to the Labor and Delivery Department and was advised that unfortunately bringing your own tub is not allowed. At this time we do not refer members to locations for alternative methods for giving birth since they are not covered under the Health Plan."

So...where do we go from here...?



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