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I am new here. I'm not pregnant yet but doing my research since we plan to start trying next year. I have Kaiser Permanente as my insurance and I want to have a home birth or at a birthing center but either way, I want the water birth. I know that Kaiser will cover 100% in hospital but I don't want that. Has anyone gotten around it and had it covered or some/most of it? Thank you so much for your help!

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I'm going to keep researching. I'll keep you posted.
Ugh, that's so frustrating. How is it that they can be innovative and backwards at the same time?!
just so you can check it out i live in san diego which is southern california, i know of a birth center that does water birth because i had my daughter there and will be having my son there in october if i remember correctly i was only charged maybe about 3500 but my insurance covered it and if anything they know of midwives who can come to your home for your delivery not sure how kaiser will do with it but its worth trying for anyone who is willing to go to them the website is www.beststartbirthcenter.com good luck to everyone
The bellflower kaiser center has a midwife K. Brinks
Here is the link to a community member that is on her way to becoming a doula. She is in Long Beach



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