when i had my son naturally i was unaware that i had problems with my pelvis and i have fibromyalgia.

i was diagnosed about a year ago

now that i am approaching time to have my daughter i am completely confused about what to do.

i have all the many reasons why i do not want to have any medications but at the same time,

i remember how horrifying i mean HORRIFYING the pain was due to my fibromyalgia and pelvis problem.

......any suggestions???

i will be at a birthing center

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Opioids are much safer than fibro drugs like Lyrica. Of course, it is best to avoid meds to the extent that you can, but a hydrocodone or oxycodone here and there isn't so bad, category B. Exercising in water and gentle yoga are natural ways to cope. Supplementing with vitamin D + flax oil and at a different time of day calcium + magnesium can also ease muscle spasms and pain in a low risk way.

Hi Victoria,


A complete assessment of your diet may be needed.  Foods to eliminate include, dairy, sugar, flour products, high fat, high salt; include distilled water, exercise, daily appropriate vitamins, dark green leafy vegetables.  Natural healthcare options you can incorporate into your lifestyle include, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Enzyme Therapy, Herbs.  I do recommend that you consult with the appropriate practitioner who can assist you with the above.


Be well,


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