The Sept 15 issue of Canadian Medical Assoc Journal has a new study on the safety of homebirth in comparison to hospital birth.

The full study with stats is attached here or can be read at this link:

The study's conclusion says:

"Our study showed that planned home birth attended by a regis-
tered midwife was associated with very low and comparable
rates of perinatal death and reduced rates of obstetric interven-
tions and adverse maternal outcomes compared with planned
hospital birth attended by a midwife or physician. Our popula-
tion rate of less than 1 perinatal death per 1000 births may
serve as a benchmark to other jurisdictions as they evaluate
their home-birth programs. "

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So glad to see that more prospective studies are being done to measure outcomes for home births. This is wonderfully reassuring...when will ACOG catch on?
I live in BC Canada at the moment, where this article was wtitten. BC always has great articles posted in the daily papers about birth and care, they are also very well known for great midwives and doula's. Every woman that I have spoken with in BC always has wonderful things to say about their birthing experience at home. I do hope the ACOG will catch on soon, all they are doing in the meantime is pushing and scaring a woman out of an amazing and safe birthing option.
So glad that you all are connecting us to these awesome resources - three cheers:)!!! It's great to be connected to all the great research going out on there....research that can help improve options for women.

Now if we can just get the ACOG to catch on....
I think ACOG ignores the research on purpose. At the moment they have a monopoly on maternity care and delivery. If they concede to the safety of HB they will be losing patients (read: MONEY) and refuse to allow that. Think about how much they make just on c/s alone. IMO letting them decide about the safety of HB is like letting the fox guard the hen house. They are one of the only prof orginizations that are allowed to set the standards and police themselves w/out input & direction from unbiased groups.
I find it thought provoking that VBA1C is considered "low-risk" in this study, and that VBA1C women are eligible for home births in Canada.
I am in Texas and am planning a HBA1C (I had a c/s, then a hos VBAC, and now will birth at home). My hos MW was totally against it but I did find a HB MW willing to do HBAC as long as the woman has had only 1 c/s and has had at least 1 vaginal delivery. She said that much of the problems MW have doing HBAC is finding an OB willing to back them up (required by law in TX). She has found a wonderful, OB that believes in the MW model of care and believes OB's should only see high-risk patients. He refers and encourages his low risk patients to see her for BC or HB. My area BC wouldn't do VBAC b/c their back up OB (same practice that my hos MW is with) wouldn't allow it. Now, my HB MW has brought him on board at the BC and they are doing VBAC at the BC now!!!

Quite an achievement. VBAC patients in my area are so lucky to have those as options. I hope they realize that and advocate so more women can have the choice!
Hi Sara - where are you in TX? I'm looking for and Birthing Center that will do VBAC's. Thanks...
I am in the DFW area. In this area there is a BC in Richardson that does VBAC births. The BC I referred to in my post has not announced its intent to switch drs and start VBAC so out of resepct for them I can't name them specifically but... just start calling all the BC in your area and ask about VBACs. Thats what i did :)

You can find info on BC on the following links Click on Birth Centers and then use the directories link to search for a BC in your county. OR Should take you straight to the list of BC in TX. if not do a new search.
Thanks Sara - this is very helpful. On most websites for BC's they come right out and say they do not do VBACs but I'm starting to find that some actually are willing to do them, maybe as part of a research project or maybe just that they are recently willing to try them... but haven't updated their websites yet. Thanks for your help.
Do you know if part of the problem that Birth Centers have in being able to do VBACs stems from being Accredited? I am finding that some of the ones listed are accredited by the "Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers," and they seem to be the same ones which don't allow VBACs. I guess this could be just coincidence, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if being accredited forces them to abide by more policies, thereby making it more unlikely that they'd do VBACs. If so then maybe it is better to go with an un-accredited Birth Center? (yet still reputable of course).
In Texas a BC and MW must have a back-up physician (may be same in other states but I don't know). So, the decision to allow VBAC's or not is based on how the back up physician feels about it. Thats why the BC closest to me didn't do them--physician said NO. Now they are switching to a different doc they will be able to b/c he supports it. It also has to do w/the doc & BC liability ins. If no one will offer coverage if they do VBAC then they can't do them. So, the decision to allow VBAC or not is usually beyond the control of the MW running the BC--its up to the doc & ins co.
Hey Susan B. Sorry, I don't think I understand, what did you mean in your last post?



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