looking for good natural childbirth classes in los angeles area

I had a water birth in miami and had a great experience. My sister in law is pregnant and lives in the san fenando valley CA and wants to have a natural birth in the hospital with a doctor...in order for this to happen she needs a good team and support so i m looking for natural birth classes.  do you know of any hypnobirthing classes or bradley method classes nearby?  or another natural birth class that you have taken and rave about?

many thanks
she is 28 weeks pregnant so the sooner the better!


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I found my Bradley Birth class teacher through their website www.bradleybirth.com. Just click the link for teachers and enter your location. Good Luck!
great i will check it out now
Check out Bini Birth in North Hollywood (which is in the SF Valley). It is a loft with lots of different classes and also they have doulas. Naturally, it is a great resource for finding practitioners and birthing locations as well. http://binibirth.com/
Thank you Emily.
Kim, we love what we do, please send her our way .
Ana Paula
Check here for Hypnobabies instructors in LA - we teach 'eyes-open' childbirth hypnosis so that moms are never asleep, just very deeply relaxed and comfortable during their baby's birth.

See videos on YouTube of some of our couples' Hypnobabies births here:
this helped me out i was also looking for class in LA area too Thanks



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