I'd love to chat with LA mom's to get advise on midwives and other info in regards to home births in our city. Is there a group or anything that we could join?

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Look up Tonya Brooks. She runs a womens clinic in Sherman Oaks. I took a midwife training class from her years ago and she's amazing.
http://www.gr8birth.com/ naturalbirthcntr@aol.com
Current Address:14140 Magnolia Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
She's also on Facebook.
Why not do it right here? I'm in LA and am on baby #2. I had my first down in Irvine at Southcoast Midwifery and am having my 2nd at home delivered by Margo Kennedy. I've done a lot of research on the midwives in the LA area and would be happy to give you any info, contact date, etc. You'd like. I have been to two births by Tonya Brooks and decided she wasn't for me for personal reasons.
Thanks Alice, I'll check Tonya out. Monique, I'd love to hear your thoughts on your research. I contacted Ana Paula as a Doula and she's gave me some names to start looking. Margo was one of them, but it looks like she only take people who already have children. Do you know if that's true? I'm looking for someone who is really balanced. Someone who is practical but very nurturing.. someone who is into nutrition/exercise and the power of positive thoughts.. but not someone who is just "out there" :) I also live in Studio City if that makes a difference. Thanks!
I don't think that's true at all. I spoke with her when I was pregnant with #1 but she was all booked up. I LOVED her when I spoke with her and she was insanely helpful. Even though she knew I wouldn't be using her as she was unavailable, she sat on the phone with me for like 30 mins answering all of my questions. This time I went straight to her the second I decided on doing a homebirth and thankfully for me she was available. I'd be very surprised if she doesn't take first time moms, in fact I'm pretty sure my last appt was cx'd because she was at the birth of a first time mom. I feel like she'd fall under what you are looking for. I really think she's great. She was recommended to me by several people and another friend of mine just had a homebirth attended by Margo. If you need her contact info I can give you her # and email address.

I'm in Alhambra, just moved from Pasadena. I have to dredge up my papers on all the other midwives I've spoken to and checked out. My favorite midwife was in OC and she moved up to Portland after I had my son. I was so sad since I had been planning on using her for all my births. Is there a way to email off the thread so I can send you contact info? I don't really want to post people's email addresses and stuff on here in case they end up being spammed.
That's great, I will look her up and try to contact her. Question for you: I'm not pregnant yet but just starting trying. Is it weird to contact midwives now to see if they are a good fit? Also do you just ask them to meet or have a phone conversation? I'm not sure how all this works.
Well, I don't think it's weird to contact them now, and a lot of midwives do well woman visits (I haven't checked if Margo does, but I hope she does since I don't have a normal doc for those kinds of things at the moment) so you might even be able to do one with one you like to get to know them better. I just talked to them on the phone for all the LA midwives I was considering when I wanted a homebirth for #1, but for the birthing center I went in and toured the birthing center and met the midwives. Some ask you to come in to meet them. I doubt any would have a problem with meeting you face to face. I think that talking to them on the phone should give you a general feel for whether they are a good match and then if you want you can go the extra step to meet up with them. I didn't meet Margo face to face till our first appt. The only concern I'd have about doing it now is that when you do finally conceive it would suck if the midwife you find you like isn't available. But I don't think it hurts to figure it all out now. Oh, and you might find that your wishes and desires change when you are actually pregnant. I had always wanted a birthing center birth before I got pregnant and then when I got pregnant I suddenly kind of freaked and decided I wanted a hospital birth, that I was more comfortable with that. Then I took my Bradley classes and decided I wanted a homebirth...lol. I was all over the place. I switched from my OB to the birthing center mid my 3rd trimester. Though, it sounds like you are a little more studied up than I was.

I just blabbed a lot! I think I answered your questions...hopefully. Good luck with conceiving! How exciting!
Thanks, I will definitely start at least the calls and see what feels right. I totally understand the changing.. I feel like home birth feels right to me right now, but yeah, you never know. I just started getting into all of this a couple months ago when my sister was about to have her baby (UCLA w/ Midwives). I'm from Oregon, so the home births are probably more in my blood. But it's good to check it all out. I just realized though I can't talk to my friends in LA about it. They are all so judgmental and since most of them just had their own babies, they think they know best and think hospital is the only "safe" way to go. I was amazed that one of my close friends yelled at me and said "you can't do that to your friends and family, it's so selfish". Definitely learned from that.. keep my mouth shut. So now I just talk to my Oregon friends and joined here. I'm really excited about all of this getting on it's way... just gotta get knocked up now :)
Oh that is so unfortunate. While I'm born and raised here, I come from a set of very hippie-like parents and a large family. My sister's and SIL have done birthing center births before me so to do a birthing center birth was completely normal for us. And I did so much research and studying on the subject there isn't anyone that could have tried to talk me out of it that would have known a fraction of the information that I knew. It did help coming from a large family and having attended and coached births before even having my own. I know my MIL did not like us having the birthing center birth and I don't think she's thrilled that I'm having a homebirth this time, but honestly I think she's a bit scared of me...lol...so she usually keeps it to herself.

Too bad you aren't still up in Oregon! My favorite midwife is in Portland now.

Good luck, if you need anymore info or advice or whatever, feel free to email me. I'm sure there is a way you can click on my profile or something to send me an email. I haven't ever tried to on here.

Have fun getting knocked up! You have some fun sex in store for you!
Thanks so much. It's just nice to know there are others like me in LA. I would love to move back to Oregon but my job is here and honestly don't know if I could take the rain anymore. I think I can add you as my friend so we can keep in touch. Thanks for all your advise and kind words. Good luck to you for your next birth!
Hi, Monique..thanks for replying. Tonya was the only one I knew of in that area but I haven't been around her in many many years. I've also never attended a birth with her..just a weekend class for midwife training.
Yeah, I think it's been the years that is the problem. But I'm sure there are people that also love her. She just wasn't what I was looking for at all.
It sounds like you'll be able to put her in touch with a good one.



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