I have been reading what I can about lotus birth. I am finding that there isn't much information about it just the basic definition of what it is. ( Birth where the umbilical cord is not cut and placenta stays attached until naturally falls off.) I am very interested in this idea because I think the little stump that is left behind is gross I would rather have the whole thing attached lol ( weird? yeah I do better with whole organs then parts of them) The other thing that I read about it is that the child is more calm. If I am going to have a bunch of little red heads running around the calmer they are the better ha ha ha.

So anyone and everyone out there what do you think of this type of birth? Have you had a birth like this? Was the child calmer? and if you did would you do it again and why?

BTW: The pictures are from Wikipedia.com

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I had a HB with my first. I'm now a doula, so I've witnessed varying levels by which women are wanting to use their placentas. i.e. placental encapsulation, placenta smoothies, burial under a tree, using it to replenish the earth a.k.a. compost, ect ect.

--And I'm personally interested in umblical nonservance for multiple reasons. One of which... I hated having to entertain so much family after my son was born. I didn't feel like my husband and I enjoyed our babymoon the way that we should have. (Immediately after passing a 8 and a half pound baby I needed to heal), and we were too busy hosting for our families. Which enevatably took our attention off of each other and our newborn baby. I think having a lotus birth would give us an opportunity to enjoy each other's company more, while having a good reason for the extended family to give us more privacy.

(also from wiki on lotus birth: maternal-neonatal bonding proceeds uninterrupted, which is beneficial for both mother and newborn.)

Another reason would be religious; Ezekiel 16:4 of the Bible, "As for your birth, the day you were born your navel cord was not cut. I'm really into religious traditions. (I'm not jewish, but still very conservative). My first born's name in Hebrew is Andrew David, "strong & Man after god's heart". So in having a lotus birth I believe it would be symbolic to Ezekiel's strength.
In my circle of friends we have a placenta bag that was made to house (with a draw string) the placenta because the difficult part of a lotus birth is carrying placenta and baby. Some moms salt the placenta ~ but most have not found it necessary. And the reality has been that after 1 day on average the cord is cut... because mommas want to just cuddle the baby without the placenta 'hanging around' :) If you leave it on it will usually fall off on day 3-7. All of my momma friends practice delayed cord clamping - its just usually after the cord stops pulsating - not lotus.
Now that you've had the baby I'm curious to know what you did. Will you give an update?
no I do not have any children yet we are going to start trying in the summer (2010) :-) I am planning on having a lotus birth and I am currently looking for a pattern to make a placenta bag. I might also try wrapping it up in receiving blankets with a pin to hold it all together.

I wrote this post to see if other people had experienced a lotus birth and what it was like for them. Thanks! :-)
Anna, I am not pregnant now nor TTC, waiting a little while on this, but I am planning on a homebirth and was looking into what a lotus birth was. I have never even seen or smelt a placenta, I am wondering how "bad" they smell. The info I was reading online said that some women put the placenta in a diaper and put herbs inside to help with the smell. The info was also saying that newborn babies are less likely to lose weight after they are born and that keeping the placenta attached means less risk of an infection of the cord. Wondering if you are still planning a lotus birth? or if you had one?
I have deiced to do a partial lotus birth, meaning leaving the placenta attached for an hour after the birth. I then want to have it encapsulated. We have started trying to get prego and I will let you all know how it goes
Jenn, I was wondering about the encapsulation process also. I have read that you can freeze the pills and than use them and they help with menopause later in life. Did you do the process yourself or have someone else? Do you think its possible to leave the placenta attached and once it falls off use it for the pills? I know you said that the pills helped with PPD, did you notice a difference in your energy level bc of the iron you were intaking or did you notice a difference in your milk production?
thanks for the info

did you use a dehyrdrator to do it?
Here's a great article about Lotus Birth from Dr. Sarah Buckley




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