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You can share a peaceful period with girls in Africa, just by doing something you normally do: buying pads for your period!


Click Here to read the new Lunapads / blog post, "Sharing Happy Periods: One4Her Shaking the Tree."


The Lunagals are super-stoked about their buy-1-get-1 program launch, One4Her. If you've heard of TOMS' similar program, you'll understand Lunapads' sustainable charity model too. It's super easy to get involved. please share this article with your friends and family, learn more about the One4Her mission, and pass it on!



This is an amazing idea i totally love what you guys doing 

It's lovely isn't it? :)

Happy Monday to the community - we welcome you to read Lunapads' latest My Best Birth blog post, Sharing Happy Periods: One4Her - Shaking the Tree.The Lunagals visit often and love your comments: enjoy!


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