... as a traumatic birth experience survivor. I was induced, and it was all downhill from there!

I saw the film just this morning [Showtime on demand], and it has literally begun to change my life. I've always heard people say that about songs, movies, books... and now, I get it.

It's been over 15 months since I gave birth to my daughter, and I've been dealing with the pain, confusion, guilt, anger... mental and physical chaos, ever since. I'm on two anti-depressants, something I never needed before, I have trouble sleeping, the whole nine. I haven't even lost the baby weight yet. Any of it.

After months of feeling helpless, hopeless, and just plain sad, I now feel: empowered, angry, and determined!

I'm writing myself a book, to help the pain I've been trying to hide from these past months, just to get it all out of me! I'm tired of my daughter's birth, which was supposed to be a cherished memory, coming to me in flashback form, like I've been through a war.

The birth experience should be something natural that you are doing, not something that is being done TO you!

Thank you so very much for the work you are doing for mothers and babies.

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I too suffered from the medical communities abuse towards women in labor.

I too had flashbacks. May I suggest what helped me, for you: EMDR. It's a form of therapy that is called "eye motion desensitation and reprograming. It was invented by a female CA therapist, and it very effective in treating Post traumatic stress disorder in a short number of sessions.

I also walked with him in a sling, then stroller, and nursed my child, which was empowering. The excersize was my natural anti depressant, but I really didn't do much of it until a year after.

Talking to several home birth midwives, who can to my home for an interview, and sharing my story and outrage also began to change things for me. Knowing that someone else thought that what happened was wrong, helped me heal, made me feel that the whole world really wasn't bad. Also, going on i-can and getting the emails helped me learn more, and grow out of the lingering anger. Helped me connect with other women's stories.

I wish you all the best, and a beautiful healed life with your child(ren)




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