I'm a graduate student and was afraid I had little options in some of my health care decisions. Just after getting pregnant, my partner happened to see an ad for BOBB. We streamed it through Netflix that night. The film inspired days of conversation between us. Previously, we would have gone through the motions and agreed to what we were told. After much discussion, my partner declared "I want to help. I want to participate like the dads in the movie." We started researching our options and coming up with a birth plan that WE wanted. How involved and happy we felt! At our second appointment, we met with one of the doctors with whom we discussed our plan. She stated, frankly, that if the labor wasn't progressing in 2-4 hours, they would typically administer pitocin and/or C-section! 2-4 hours!?! I don't think so. She said we might be happier at a nearby hospital with a birthing center (and CNM and doulas and a birthing tub and....). We agreed. I called my student health office to request a change in the referral. The coordinator happily agreed and said that many other students had great (natural!) experiences at the birthing center! We are so grateful to the makers of the film for opening our eyes.

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Way to go in following your heart!
Don't let anyone bully you - your body knows what to do!
Trust yourself.
Good for you and bravo to your involved husband!!! Also speaking of eyes in my all natural labor last December I personally found that eye contact with my hubby during contractions were very helpful. Although you will find what works for you! Good luck with your birth and delivery!!! :)
Good for you for sticking up for yourself! Your birthing center sounds wonderful. I only wish all women had those options!
Way to go! I think having your partner be completely on board makes a huge difference. Yours is not the first story of moms who have been turned away for a natural birth and postpartum plan. While I think that it is despicable that some practitioners feel that they can't (whether educationally or due to time-restraint) cater to a naturally laboring mom, those practitioners that express that feeling before the delivery are really doing the admirable thing. Rather than leading you on and ruining your experience, your practitioner sent you in the direction best suited to offer you the care you are looking for. Not all will do that. Mine certainly did not. He waited until I was in the hospital on the IV to drop that bomb on me.



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