"...it was a beautiful and organic extension of our parenting philosophy: to let our children experience the world as it is, without being ruled by the fear of "What if?""

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I love so many things about this article.
1) The fact that it was a home birth, without medication (of course).
2) The fact that you had to drag your TV out of a back closet - my husband and I (only wed in May) have on television in our house, and our guests never notice at first, but once they do, they comment on how strange it is, then (always afterward), how nice it is.
3) How you cared so much about your older son's reactions, and how you introduced him to the concept. Most of all, I love how closely you paid attention to what he thought of the event as he viewed it - and his response didn't surprise me much. Children are so balanced about these things, so often.

I love how balanced and conscious you were when you gave birth too. Thanks for posting! An inspiring story, and a pleasure to read. :)

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