We just received this letter.  Please read and see how you can help midwife Jenny West in this time of great loss.


Hey everybody - 

Jenny West's home burned down on Feb. 8th. (She will kill me for doing this but I think people that know and love her would want to help if they could) Anna Verwaal (a conscious birth educator in New Mexico)has also joined me in helping to support gathering items/gift cards for Jenny & her mother to start over. Below is Anna's email that she sent out to local midwives and doulas. It was well said and included all of the details.

Jenny is VERY overwhelmed right now and the LAST thing she said she needed were a lot of people calling and emailing wanting to know who, what, where and why of the whole fire. There will be time later to answer all of those questions but she is just shell shocked right now.

When a family I knew lost their home, gift cards for the grocery store, wal-mart etc. were what got them by day to day until the insurance kicked in etc. When most of us are all so far away - it might be all we can do. She did tell me - "I need prayers and manifestations of continued strength, patience, the right people at the right time, with the right skills and having the intention of building us a good house." Here is Anna's letter and my email below if you can think of any way to help and not bombard Jenny with our good intentions and making her re tell the story over and over!

Hello dear (home) birth friends of Santa Fe and Espanola,


Jenny West, a midwife in Albuquerque lost her beloved cats and pretty much all of her personal and professional belongings in a fire on February 8 that destroyed her house and her midwifery office. Jenny and her mom got out just in time. Her mom only wearing a night gown, Jenny did not even get out with 'just the clothes on her back'. She was in the shower when the fire broke out!!! Imagine that!

Her mom suffered a hearth attack right afterwords but is doing OK now.


I just spoke with Jenny and she told me she has found a rental house for the time being and has the bare essentials to get by for now. Wearing thrift-shop clothes (size 18-20) and grateful for the box of toiletries a hypnobirth-instruct or send her. What she really needs the most is to replace her midwifery-practice items so she can continue serving her clients! She already helped a mom give birth a few nights ago with borrowed equipment!!!


She lost her birth tubs, reference books, hundreds of childbirth books and educational video's, lab-stuff, doppler, exam-table, baby scale, BP equipment, computer, files, phone, midwifery gadgets...her birth bags...you name it! Everything!! !

Is there a (retired) midwife out there who has some spare equipment laying around willing to donate it to Jenny?


What she needs the most right now she said is a big rug or carpet to put on the cold cement floor and a teflon pan...

She could not think of anything else at the time we talked. The situation is still so overwhelming.

But said she but would put a list together in the next few days and let me know.


If there is anything you can donate or any one else you know who has midwifery items she is looking for please contact me at 505-989-1230 (home) or 505-603-6309 (cell) or via this email address averwaal@aol. com


Another midwife said to me yesterday... "In the old days it was the community that took care of the midwife so she could take care of our families"

Please join me in doing what we can to help Jenny get back on her feet!


Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who can be of help.


Thank you so very much!

Warm regards,



Anna Verwaal, RN, CLE

Maternal-Child Health Nurse

Birth Consultant/Doula/ Photographer

Certified Lactation Educator

www.FromWombToWorld .com Care Messer care@SanDiegoHypnoB irth.com 


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