I am having a heck of a time locating any kid of midwifery group anywhere near Pasadena. It seems like all of them are out west by Santa Monica, which is about a 45 minute drive for me without traffic. Ideally, I'd like to be in a birth center near a hospital (it's a vbac for me) and hopefully somewhere not so far away. I also have Blue Shield which I'm hoping will be accepted. Any ideas?

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I am a doula in training in Long Beach, anyway I know there is a birth center in san monica like you said but i think that is the closest one to you the other one i know of is in Irvine. But if you are just looking for a midwife? I dont know how close this is to you but you can give them a shot and see if they will work for you.
3959 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
Studio City, CA 91604-3711
(818) 760-6541
Hope you will post your birth story.
Best Wishes 

Hi Samantha,

I am actually looking for a doula too! I think I might just stay with my doc since he's so close and I've heard/read that he is the one midwives go to when there is a problem and he's very vbac friendly. BUT I really want to have a doula with me to help advocate for a drug-free birth. I'm due in June. Can you tell me how much you charge? Thanks!

Hi Amy,

  It sounds like you have a great doc and that is great that he is so for Vbacs. Well since I am still training I am only charging $150.  But dont worry I have competed my training class and read all the books just have to attend 6 births and I am done. But if you would like to talk more or have any other questions for me here is my email Doulabysam@gmail.com. 

Warmly Samantha 



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