My question is this... Is there any sort of funding or grants even loans designed to help midwifery or potential midwifery students with financial aid to complete or begin there studies? I have such a passion for pregnancy and child-birth that this would be a dream career for me. So please any one out there have any suggestions.. Thank you all so much in advance for your guidance and suppot

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Check out Miami Maternity Center/International School of Midwifery offers free tuition!
Or, if you're thinking about going the CNM route, I know there are a lot of loan repayment programs and stuff out there. Check out
If you are thinking CNM route there are full tuition scholarships through the government/military. I did not choose the military route but they will certainly pay you to become a midwife. I choose to use the National Health Service Corps Scholarship. (Full tuition, stipend, paid for books, etc) They require you to work in a "medically underserved area" for a few years after graduation but that's what I wanted anyway. You can also check out the Indian Health Service for information on grants and loan forgiveness for midwives. Finally I went to Emory University and at that time they had scholarship programs (not sure what they have these days.) Good luck!!!
If the school is accredited by MEAC you can get funding from the fed gov for it just like you would get if you went to a "regular" college. You can get PELL grants that don't have to be repaid and subsidized loans based on financial need, that don't have to be repaid until you leave school.

This link is a list of all such schools is where you get all the info and fill out the form for Federal Fin Aid.

Good Luck.



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