Minn. tells the stork: Take your time

Minnesota hopes to discourage the practice of inducing labor before 39 weeks by adding extensive paperwork for every state-funded delivery.

Read more: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/health/108299769.html?elr=KArk...

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"Just because we have the tools to induce labor doesn't mean we should be using them." Amen!

Thank goodness that the powers that be are coming around a bit. Hopefully more states will follow suit soon.
This should be between a doctor and his patient ONLY. I thought hhis site was about a womans CHOICE?
Thank you for your balance opinion! I agree - pure education about the risks of induction would be so helpful to bring down those harmful numbers (not to mention traumatic birth experiences for moms AND babies!)

I haven't yet heard of ANY occurrence where a mother was in the hospital, in labor, and ANY risk was even mentioned at all when the induction routine began. No one suggests that starting a pitocin drip or whatever is at all risky. It's just the automatic route.

Hopefully sites and discussions like this will spread the truth about labor! :)



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