I am interested in getting some real-time feedback from others about their "views" in regards the system that is already in place for the average American woman giving birth.

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These are the issues that I see need to be fixed...

There needs to be more education for nurses about how to help a woman in a natural labor as well as what to expect with a natural labor. There needs to be only a one-to-one ratio for women who are laboring naturally. There needs to be better communication between home birth midwifes and the medical field so that the care will not suffer if a woman has to be admitted to the hospital. Litigation needs to be addressed (a family practitioner where I work pays 80,000 a year for liability insurance...you better believe that we are all paying for that). Doctors should be payed more for their time spent with a patient than the specific procedure. Birth plans should be on everyone's agenda. Best practice policies that are based on research need to be established. Douala's should be a part of the health care team.



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