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(CNN) -- On Thursday, December 2, as Aneka sat at home nine months pregnant, the phone rang.

It was her obstetrician wanting to know where the heck she was. Did Aneka forget that today was the day for her cesarean section? How could she have forgotten?

No, Aneka hadn't forgotten. She hadn't shown up intentionally.


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This underscores the fact that we need to prevent FIRST c-sections.  We need to reach a point where doctors are extremely hesitant to cut unless there is an emergency or known medical necessity.  Although I loved my home birth with all my heart, I believe most of us would be happy knowing we could go to the hospital and pretty much be left to just birth peacefully (with hospital midwife, doula or friends) in an emergency-ready environment.

I completely agree! I'm looking forward to my home birth, but in the back of my mind I would really love if my midwife was able to attend to me in the hospital. It would be a beautiful thing to know that I could have the freedom to labor/deliver how I choose in a hospital. Unfortunately, with the current state of hospitals, there is no way of knowing what experience you will get. It really seems to come down to what doctor is on call when you are in labor.

<It really seems to come down to what doctor is on call when you are in labor>>>


And this is exactly the reason that I am looking into home birth for my next baby. I recently moved to a town with one hospital that I thought would be more natural-birth-friendly than my last one. As it turns out, their c-section rate is HIGHER than the national average. I found a great OB here, but I just can't be assured that I would get her on delivery day. I'm not even pregnant, yet, but just thinking about that c-section rate has me already exploring other options.

If I delivered at home, I would end up with one of two midwives (only if mine couldn't attend for some reason). Both of them are awesome. If I went to the hospital, I think there would be a 1 in 6 chance I'd actually get my OB. Not very good odds! And I just can't trust the other doctors to handle things the way mine would. :(

LOVED the story!! To see that a woman unknowing of what could be became knowledgeable about what was possible for her and that she achieved it is amazing! I do hope that as a culture perhaps we will begin to realize that there are some things in this life, like birth, that have a natural progression and science is not always needed. Like Hypnobirthing will tell you, the mind has such control over the body that what you think or what is even suggested to you (such as you cannot birth that way) takes ahold and will prevent you from birthing that way. I am glad aneka and baby are healthy and that she got the birth she so much desired!

Great birth story!!! I'm so happy that Aneka and her baby are doing well and she got the birth she wanted. I agree, I wish hospital births could be peaceful and natural... maybe there a few somewhere, certainly not where I live. :( While I'm glad my now three year old is here healthy and happy, after being 10 weeks premature and delivered by c-section, I'm still upset about how I was treated. I don't believe being ignored by the OB and treated very roughly by the nursing staff was at all called for. I'm trying my very best to find an alternative to a hospital birth but if I have to give birth there, I really feel the need for more protection than just a doula and my husband. =/



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