Can someone tell me how I can find a baby friendly hospital, midwife or supportive doctor in a new area? I'm moving to the north bay area in California. I have the best doc in San Diego but he won't be able to deliver my baby now. Please help!!!

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Try re-posting on in the bay area forum under Find Your Tribe if you dont get a response on here!  Thats how I found my mw.  Im sure there are great options in the bay area!  goodluck!!

There is also Berkeley Parents Network as well as the Bayarea Homebirth Collective -


I know that Kaiser in Walnut Creek is a good option if you have to go with Kaiser. There is also Summit in Oakland that has a midwifery department, I think. I am not sure what part of the Bay area you will be in but I am sure there will be pretty good options for you. If you wish you can contact the home birth midwifery practice I've used for my first and now with my second - - I am sure they can offer you some advice on which hospitals and or midwifery practice in your new area.


Good Luck and Congratulations!

Check out the Bay Area Homebirth Collective's website:

I live in SF so I had my homebirth in SF with Maria Iorillo, LM, CPM of Wisewoman Childbirth Traditions. Love her! Nancy Myrick CNM assisted Maria. The BAHC always has a 2nd midwife on hand for the birth, one for mama, one for baby. The Natural Resources store and Parenting Center in SF (info on site) is a great resource too and they host meet the midwives and meet the doula events. Many of their staff are doulas so you can ask them. Maria consulted with OB Dr. Laura Norell at St. Luke's in SF so they were the friendliest at the time of my birth but she and the hospital may not do births there anymore and things may have changed as they've had all sorts of changes there. Know that there were certainly other supposedly friendly doctors and hospital- based midwives at St. Luke's who in my experience were unsupportive of my particular homebirth (Recommending I schedule an induction for unvalid reasons! No thanks!) so truly every provider is different and continuity of care is a real issue in a hospital setting. Sadly someone can look at your chart in a minute or two and interpret things so much differently than someone else. So good question! Sorry, I don't know hospitals or doctors in the North Bay. I'm sure you can email the CPM's at the BAHC for recommendations for a hospital birth. Good luck! I'll offer up a prayer for you that you find whats best for your birth!



There are many many resources to you my dear! I live in Northern California. I am a bay area doula. You can go to the or BABI and they have a whole book of providers from midwives, doulas, chiropractors, massage therapists, I mean you name it. There is also a place in Palo Alto called Blossom that has yoga classes every day, and lots of other classes!! It's Everybody out in the bay area is really great and really good and quick to answer any questions. But if you have any other questions you can also ask me. I've got 75 births under my belt, 40 postpartum clients, Im a lactation consultant and a childbirth educator so please if you have any questions. Don't hesitate.

Good Luck with your move! there are great people out here so no reason to fret love!



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