Melanie Elyse came in to the world peaceful and completely drug free thanks to my strong will, Hypnobirthing and Yoga practice on May 29th at 5:47pm. 


My water broke around 5:30 am. I ate a hearty breakfast that my dear Hubby made and tried to relax until my contractions were 4 minutes apart. We left for the hospital about 10am. After being evaluated, I was told I was only 3cm dilated (which disappointed me) and 100% effaced. Once we were given the labor room, the birth tub was set up and I began to walk around the maternity center with my husband. Once walking became too uncomfortable, I labored in the bed, on the toilet and on the birthing ball. It was 4-something when the nurse said she’d come back around 5pm to put me back on the monitor and check my progress. I told my husband that after I got off the monitor, I’d get in the labor/birth tub for the later part of the day.


Before the nurse could return, I felt something amazingly intense. I knew that the end was near and I’d see my little girl soon. I let out what my husband calls a blood curdling yell for help and pressed the call button for the nurse insistently.  I must admit, it took me more than 15 minutes to get back into my calm, relaxed state. My husband and the nurse kept reminding me to focus on my breathing and not the pain. Once I was able to stabilize my breathing, I was able push her out within 20 minutes.  We enjoyed immediate skin to skin contact and she latched on to my breasts immediately. Those moments continue to replay in my head. They were so joyous, so surreal!  My husband was able to enjoy skin to skin contact while I got myself cleaned up before going to our “recovery” room.


The labor and birth were perfect. If I could have changed anything, it would have been to actually use the labor tub! I’d recommend Hynobirthing to anyone open to their own vastness. Some of the “teachings” and techniques from the class didn’t work for me at all, however the overarching theories that women are built for the work of labor and birth and that the “pain” is mostly fear based I agreed with prior to my first birthing experience and I now know it to be absolutely true – for me at least. That truth enabled me to snap out of the fear I was feeling and get back to owning my birth. It was a powerful mind switch – it makes me want to have more babies just to feel that powerful again.  

Thanks for reading.

Peace. Love. Light.


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What a great birth story and a testament to your determination! I am glad that yoga and hypnobirthing served you well. I will birth in a tub and I am also a long-time yogini.



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