Over the past years of assisting women in birthing, I've begun to notice and track some interesting aswareness's in the couples I work with.

For the sake of total ease, I categorized them into three separate modules and called them:

Door Number One, Door Number Two & Door Number Three.

In addition to this, my book covers how to achieve the best birth through any one of these doorways! I walk through the births that others have achieved and share them, the recoveries and the complete joy of the parents regardless of it being a home Water Birth,
A Hospital Birth, or a Planned C-Section in the OR.

Utilizing NLP - Neuro Linquistic Programming and Hypnosis, I've been helping women achieve their best birth, and doing it Their Way!

Even though birth follows a general pattern and process every woman's birth, every woman's birthing positions, labour and experiences are uniquely hers!

I've included in my book, the questions that help you define what your best birth choice is, so instead of trying to "please others" with just "going for it" and hoping for the best,
this will help you create the outcome you truly want.

Look for my book and Web Site www.mybirthmyway.com and MY BIRTH MY WAY, Utilization of NLP creating Magic In Birth, by Kathy Welter-Nichols.

604-421 1722 & welterk@shaw.ca

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Additional writings by Kathy are available through contacting her, and on www.consciouswoman.org

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