I'm new here and very excited to find this forum. Everyone is so supportive and it's exciting to find "like minds"!


I did have a hospital birth the first time around, which is why I know my choice for homebirth is the right one for me this time around. After not progressing according to protocol in the hospital I was given pitocin and MAN did that hurt! Forget about relaxing when there is a drug induced war going on in your uterus. I managed to push my little girl out after 23 minutes of pushing only to have the dr attending to me(that I had never met before) threaten to sedate me because I wasn't calm enough while she stitched me up. NICE!  I should also mention that my room FILLED with med students and nurses that wanted to see a non medicated birth when I started to push. They had never seen one and I'm still weirded out that there were like 9 people I don't know watching!


After my first was born, I watched the business of being born and told myself not to watch it if I ever got pregnant again because I'd do something crazy like want to have a homebirth:)

Well, number 2 is on it's way and I knew from day one I'm having a homebirth. I look around my house and I'm just so excited about being HERE in my space. Nobody coming in to readjust those tight belly monitors, get a blood draw or have the anestesiologist talk to me about my options while I'm trying to focus thru contractions (?!)

I'm also more in love with my husband than ever since he's so supportive of this choice. He only jokingly told me not to mess up the carpet;) I know some women who would like a homebirth but the husband says no out of ignorance or fear. How sad!



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That's so exciting JD! I also had my first in the hospital and had a less-than-stellar experience. We are also pregnant and planning to have this baby at home.

Best of wishes to you and baby!
Kudos for not being medicated with Pitocin - I honestly didn't know that was possible. Natural labor will be a totally different experience and I know you will do great.
I am having a home birth in three weeks or less. My first was born in a birth center and I just didn't want to drive that far this time around.
Anyway, looking forward to hearing about your journey to homebirth. :-)

Congrats for making the decision.  I'm in the same boat as you, although my first birth wasn't med-free.  I'm really looking forward to having a home birth this time!  No more doctors saying rude things like "keep it down, you're scaring the other patients!"



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