I am a proud mom of now a 7 1/2 year old daughter, Hannah and a 6 year old son, Cameron. I had 2 very traumatic births at a hospital and would give anything to go back and have it a different way. I am writing this so that people can read my story. When i became pregnant with Hannah I was shocked because one I was only 19 years old and was told for several years due to endometriosis I would never have a child. I was very lucky to be pregnant even though I was a teenager. I stayed very sick my entire pregnancy. At 29 weeks I was hospitalized due to pre term labor. I stayed in the hospital in Greenville for several weeks. I was tortured in my opinion. I was given this horrible medicine to stop my labor and it did not work. This medication causes you to be paralized and feel as though you are burning on the inside out. After the third round of the medicine not working I refused a fourth round. I was then told that I didnt care for my child. That is something you do not say to a frightened teenage mother to be. The medicine was not working so what is the point of putting my babies life in more danger due to the effects of the medicine? I was soon sent home. I ended up going back and forth to the hospital for four days. The last time I went they gave me a sleeping pill and sent me home. That night my water broke. I woke up feeling great for once during mt entire 35 weeks of being pregnant. I had been in severe pain for weeks but this day was different. When I realized my water broke I went to my doctor. He sent me to the hospital to have my baby girl. When we arrived I was given medicine to speed my labor up which was horrible. I tried to stand the pain but I couldnt handle it and asked for an epidural. Big mistake on my part. I had an allergic reaction to the medicine and my heart rate and blood pressure dropped. I was given more medicine to help my rates go back to normal. After 11 long hours of pain and no help from a doula like I had asked for I was ready to push. Thank god I was a good pusher :) I was terrified because my baby was a 35 week baby and a week before when tested they found out her lungs had not developed yet. There were several doctors and nurses in the room. The crazy thing was my own doctor was missing. He had sent a replacement. After about 10 minutes of pushing my beautiful 5 lb 11 ounce baby girl was born screaming which was a great sound to hear. They let me see her for about 2 seconds then took her to be checked out. After 2 hours they brought me my baby. I was furious by then. I always pictured holding my baby as soon as she came out. I left the hospital 2 days later. I was told the bleeding after birth would stop in 6 weeks. Well mine didnt. I went to my doctor complaining about the bleeding and was told it was normal. After 4 months of bleeding I found a different doctor. My new doctor found out that some of the placenta had been left in me. I was told that I was lucky that I was still alive. I had surgery to remove the placenta and was put on several medications. I then found out that the doctor that my doctor sent to deliver my baby was a student! I also found out that my doctor wasnt allowed to deliver a baby due to a legal matter that was classified. This is something that would have been nice to know before I went through all I did. I was devasted and had a very hard time trusting these people that call themselves "doctor". I had several problems and surgeries after my daughters birth. When she was around 8 1/2 months old my doctor who was amazing told me that I needed to start in a new medicine to help my endometriosis but it would make it impossible to have another child. I didnt want my daughter to be an only child considering I came from a family of 3 sisters. I told him my concern and he told me I had a 6 month time frame to conceive. That night we decided to try for a baby even though Hannah was a baby still. We soon found out we were in fact expecting. I was amazed that God not only blessed me once but twice. I was prepared this time so I thought. I wanted a doula to help me through my birth and I knew pain medication was out of the question. I knew due to my anemia and other medical problems that I would have to have my baby in a hospital again. I was so upset about that too. I had such a bad experience that I didnt want to do it again. I decided to do it anyways and on my terms. My pregnancy went well even though I was throwing up all day and night. I found out i was having a boy and my husband was so excited. Then the conversation of circumcision came. I was dreading that one. Of course he wanted him to be circumsized like him. I disagreed big time. I found the procedure very painful and barbaric. We never agreed on what to do. I am a very small person and my baby boy was getting too large for me to carry. I had an amniocentisis at 37 weeks to see if his lungs were developed to have him. They were not develeoped yet. My doctor decided that I needed to have him at 39 weeks so the date was set. I would go to the hospital on the 16th of June at 9 pm. When I went my doctor put a tablet on my cervix to help it dialate. That was horrible. I then became frightened that I was going to have the same expericence but I was assured by my doctor that it was going to be different. He was supposed to come start the potossin to speed it up but he was so busy with his other patients who were so conveintly put into labor the same time that he forgot about me. My doula was horrible. She was so wonderful all the times we met and spoke of the techniques during labor but when it was time she wasnt very great. She was very pushy and negative towards me. She would tell me how to breathe but when I did she would tell me I was doing a bad job. I got very annoyed with her and made her leave. After 17 hours of labor my doctor emembered me and started the medicine to speed it up. I was so angry by then because my doula was stupid and I made her leave and my doctor was an idiot who didnt care about me. I was ready to go home. I had a breakdown where I cried because I was so mad that I was in the same position once again. Well 30 minutes after the medicine I pushed a few times and my beautiful 7 lb 4 ounce baby boy Cameron was born. My doctor barely made it in there to deliver him. I thought my mom was going to deliver him since my doctor was nowhere to be found. My doctor came in the day after my son was born and apologized for not being there for me. Lets just say I wasnt very nice to him about it. He put not only me in the hospital to have my son but he scheduled 3 C sections and 3 other births. Why would a doctor do that? Theres one of him not 10. The time came to make a decision about having him circumsized. I was of course pushed by everyone to do it including the docto and nurses. I read a lot of articles online about circumsision and decied to do it. I dont regret it at all. He is very happy with it because for some reason he thinks that its a toy:) Thats another article :) haha. I just want people to know my story. I dont want to scare anyone but please do your research. If you want a certain birth plan then do it and dont be bullied into anything else. I cant go back and do anything different. I wont be abe to ever have the birth I want. I am now not able to ever have another child due to my endometriosis, cyst and tumor on my uterus. I am only 27 years old and would love to have another baby one day but its not in Gods plan and thats ok. I hope you learned something from my story. Please feel free to ask questions.

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Wow, I am going to learn from you and make sure that I stick to my guns next time. I was pushed around just like you with the birth of my baby boy. I'm just not going to go back to a hospital next time around.



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