I haven’t heard anything about how Obama’s National Health Care Plan is going to affect prenatal care, infant care, midwives across America & our maternity system as a whole. Does anyone know the restrictions that will be put into place that will affect our birthing options & Doctor vs Midwife choice?

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I know people here in my state are working hard to make sure that birthcenters and midwifes are available through medicare. There is a bill as a part of this all that is trying to make it such. I would encourage everyone to call their legislatures and tell them that you would like to see that happen. Rachel
Take action by sharing your personal story with the President.

Contact your senators.

Support the MAMA (Mothers and Midwives in Action) Campaign.

Here's my letter to President Obama...
Jennifer Block, the author of "Pushed" just put out an article on this. http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2009/07/29/wheres-the-birth-plan



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