Soon after being 100% sold on a home-birth or a birthing center, it dawns on me that my insurance (Medi-Cal. Government Aid) does not cover midwives.

It took all night to cry the tears out.

No use in crying anymore. It is what it is. I can't fork down 5,000+ dollars and my insurance is a no-go. Stiff upper lip! You can do this, Susan!

Natural birth in a hospital!

I am blessed enough to have found Dr. Right on my second try.

Yes, he'll allow birthing in a position other than on my back.
Yes, he's pro-unmedicated birth and even admits, "It's much healthier for the baby!"
Yes, he is encouraging me to labor at home until the last minute before my water breaks or I see blood.

I was thrilled to hear all of this! His downside? When I asked about having intermittent only fetal monitoring, he actually mumbled, "I could get sued..." and then quickly replied, "We'll talk about it when the time comes."

What?! No! No! I want to talk about this now! I'd love to be able to walk around during labor or even labor while squatting and I can't do this with wires and tubes up my crotch! .....No, I did not exclaim this. I didn't want to scare him off just yet. That's for the next visit. Better leave it at that for now.

I can't believe I even have to worry about this kind of thing!

Anyone else out there attempting a natural birth in a hospital? Or have been through one before? Is it possible to get through it without pressure and drug offers or being snipped and cut?

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I would love to hear your experience. I met with Simona yesterday actually, and she'll be my midwife. I'm very excited! Wishing you a good labor.
Hi Camila! That's great! Are you able to birth in her birthing center? How far along are you? My "due date" was Sept 17 so I'm still patiently waiting! I'll let you know how it goes! Simona is really into hypnobirthing and hypnobabies. She prefers it over Bradley or Lamaze. Let me know if you have any questions about that. I went with hypnobirthing.
Hi Susan! Yes, the plan is to have the baby there, I'm planning for a water birth. I'm only 10 weeks along, still have a long way to go! I was interested in hypnobirthing as well, and was glad Simona is into it! I haven't started reading about it yet though. It will be interesting to hear how it went for you. Hope your little one comes soon!
Hi Susan! I have an appointment with Simona tomorrow! I'm so excited :)

This may be a silly question, but I'm just wondering if they do ultrasounds there?

Hi Kelly! Simona told me about you! That was very exciting! I'm sure you already know, but yes, she does do ultrasounds (maybe not at the birth center...I showed up too late in my pregnancy to know). I'm about to post my birth story so keep watch!
My last birth was a natural birth in a hospital. I was hoping for intermittent monitoring, but the baby's heart rate was super high and I had a fever when I got to L&D because I was sick. I was at 5 cm, but not actively contracting, so they decided to keep me there. For the first couple of hours, I had to lay in bed with oxygen on and hooked up to IV antibiotics. I thought my birth plan to have a drug-free birth was going down the tubes fast, so I continued to ask when I could get up and move. Once my fever went down and the baby's hr was stable, my doc let me walk around with telemetry monitoring (I still had the belts on my belly, but I wore a big contraption around my neck that let me not be hooked up to the wires). It wasn't ideal, especially since I'd been hoping to avoid an iv and constant monitoring, but it was definitely better than lying flat on my back in bed. Eventually, she let me have just the hep-lock (sp?) left in the vein, but I was able to take off the cumbersome wires and un-needed fluids. Moving around helps SO much, even if you are confined to your room. Be prepared to tell people to back off and leave you alone. I included in my birth plan that I did not want to be offered pain medication. That made a big difference, as my birth plan was kept in my chart. Everyone that came to my room knew that I was going for a natural birth (the first time around, I was asked every 5 minutes by a nurse if I wanted to end my suffering and finally gave in). For my last birth, my doctor asked me when I was about 8 cm how I was managing the pain, and when I told her I was fine, she didn't ask again.
This time I will be delivering in a hospital again, but I will be with a midwife. I'm hoping that she'll be more comfortable with the natural birth. My doctor last time was okay with the idea, but she just didn't have a lot of experience with it. It was almost as though she didn't know what to do with me, when what I really wanted was to be left alone!
I'd recommend familiarizing yourself with common hospital procedures, too, so you know what you're willing to deal with and what is absolutely unacceptable. You have the right to say no!
Good luck - you can do it, and it sounds like you've already done your homework!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story! Good job! I'm about to post my own birth story!
Did you have your baby yet? I am planning on having a natural birth in a hospital. I am due Dec 30. I had considered a home birth or birthing center...let me know how it goes with the midwife...she goes to the hospital to deliver you? I am in Orange County and I don't think they let midwives deliver in hospitals here, but I'm not 100% sure about that. I wonder if Simona would come to OC?
Anyway, I hope it goes/went well for you!!
Hi Lesley! Check out Simona, she's awesome and not too far from you. I came from Pomona out to Whittier hospital to deliver with her. I'm about to post my birth story...
Hello, I don't know where you are located, but in LA, downtown LA, the California Hospital has midwife. and a lot of midwife accept Medical... so I am not sure where you got that info from.

Best, and good luck,
Marie-Paul Baxiu
Thanks for the suggestion! I did end up finding a midwife at Whittier Hospital that accepted my insurance. You're right! They do exist! For some reason it took me some pretty good digging around to find one, though.
Hey ladies! I posted my birth story!!



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