I lost my job in March (fired two weeks after telling my boss that I was pregnant!) and am on state health insurance. I have to go to a hospital clinic for the second time in my birthing history. I find it astounding how women are treated in these clinics. My first birth was dampened by the resident, who told me off for having a Sunday induction (that I didn't schedule), forgetting to order my antibiotic for GBS and making me wait 2 hours to begin treatment, telling me that I had to have Pitocin, telling me that my water hadn't really broken when it had most definitely, and finally being absent when I went into active labor and not responding to pages. It's amazing to think that he will influence other women's births. (My husband found him after I gave birth and thanked him for delivering our baby, then told him that my mom and I thought he was an asshole. Best husband moment ever!)

So far, I've had a decent experience, considering it's a hospital clinic. However, at my 6 mo check-up, the resident actually told me that it was time to discuss having my tubes tied! Not a question or a discussion initiated by me, but a task to check off her list.

My question is this: have any other women experienced discrimination in the office because of their insurance state? How can we stop demonizing the people on welfare and start dissecting a system that enables lingering poverty and discrimination? And how can we make positive birth experiences available to ALL people, not just the wealthy and privileged?

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I was on Medicaid for my first pregnancy and after seeing how the clinic treated my sister durring her pregnancy I DID NOT want to go that route.  So I found a birth center that accepted Medicaid and I saw a wonderful midwife all through my pregnancy. 

We all know having a baby doesnt always go as planned.  I was in labor for 3 days and I was exhausted so I went to the hospital for some pain reliefe and I felt the 'This woman is on Medicaid' treatment as soon as my husband filled out the paperwork. 

I was treated terribly by nurse in charge and  the doctor that delivered my baby.Even though I was in active labor and at 7cm they 'needed' to give me pitocin and didnt tell me untill my babies heart rate was dropping.  He gave me an unneeded level 4 cut because he was ready to get out of there.  And he said,'You wont try to do it natural again will you, just come straight here for an epidural next time.'

The nurses were pushing me to start birth control immediately even after I told them I didnt want anything hormonal to effect my milk production.

I cryed about my birth for weeks and I didnt really get over the bad experience untill I delivered my second baby, naturally.  I know that had I stayed at the birth center with my midwife the outcome would have been very different. 

They need to give mothers on state health plans more options, because many times delivering with a midwife is much cheaper than with a doctor at a hospital.  I guess the reason why many other doctors dont take state health coverage is because they dont pay as much as other insurance does. 

I am sorry things didnt turn out well with your first delivery, I hope this one is much better for you.

I agree with you that Medicaid should give women more options. With states facing severe budget deficits, it is counterintuitive to pay for the many unnecessary interventions that hospitals, especially clinics, will push upon laboring moms.

I honestly think that if we educate women on their options, especially at the welfare level, we will start a revolution. And I'm ready to fight!

PS I'm 39 weeks and so far have had a decent experience at the clinic. I've even seen the same doctor twice, which is a rarity. Fingers crossed for a wonderful labor experience. Though I have GBS, so I'm stuck on an IV :(

This all sounds so horrible!! : ( I'm sorry you both went through such bad experiences. I had medicaid my first pregnancy because I was working PT (so no insurance) and going to school full time finishing my last semsters of college fro my BA (my son graduated from college in the womb, very accomplished). I never experienced from my perspective mistreatment. We did have one upsetting experience with an ultra sound tech. (for different reasons) but that's it really. I wish that this wouldn't happen to pregnant women & hello having a midwife & doing it at a birthing center or at home is waayyy cheaper(and better for the mom of course-as long as there aren't any serious health issues), so why doesn't insurance support this??!! It's a no brainer.....oh wait because the insurance companies & doctors & hospitals are all on the same team....Team $ : / I wish better experiences for you both if you plan on having more children & for any mother in your situation. God Bless!!



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