My friend is scheduled to be induced in a few days which is NOT what we want...And I cant figure out a good reason for. None the less, please let me know of the myriad of things she can try to get her labor moving along --and soon!


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castor oil, sex and evening primrose
nipple stimulation also either manual or using a breast pump
definitely sex. works wonders. throw in a little nipple stimulation into the mix for fun. :-)
As other ladies have said, nipple stimulation. Accupuncture and/or accupressure with a skilled practitioner. There is also a herbal tonic called "Labor Start" that is supposed to help tone the uterus and help ready the body for labor. Or better yet Just say NO! Unless a NST shows the baby is having problems your friend could simply say "No Thanks" and wait for nature to take over--noone can force her to submit to an induction that she is against. If nipple stimulation, sex, and all the other home remedies don't work its prolly just not time. Good Luck to her!!!
My midwife told me red raspberry leaf tea (loose leaf kind, not in packets) can help women from going too overdue. Can you give her some facts/statistics about inductions/c sections/complications that might encourage her to simply refuse the induction? How far along is she currently, just out of curiousity?
My daughter was born 11 days "late". I did EVERYTHING that has been mentioned here, multiple times, and it did not bring on labor. My labor started when it was time for it to start and not before. i say this only to encourrage you, to encourage your friend, that unless there is a medical reason for induction, decline and hold on. The baby WILL come and it is SO worth the wait. I had two pitocin inductions before my home birth and I can tell you that a completely natural birth is much easier. The absolute best thing you can do for your friend is to support her in waiting.
In three pregnancies I still had no signs of labor at 41 weeks and later.
The first two were induced at the hospital.
The third time I tried acupuncture and starting getting crampy within an hour. Baby was born that night!

I know this is several months too late for your friend, but maybe someone else will read it.

The best way to prevent being induced at a hospital is probably not showing up for your scheduled induction. Can she make up some excuse, and reschedule for a week later?
Funny. I have a line of T-shirts on Zazzle saying almost exactly this. Top 5 ways to avoid a c-section
1. Stay
2. Out
3. Of
4. The
5. Hospital

(Sales benefit ICAN.)

Love this!
Nothing works if baby's not ready or if your uterus has not ripened yet. You can stimulate your nipples but quess how early you should start doing it to make it effective. Probably not a few days before baby's due date but rather weeks and do it for a few hours every day. That's the truth. The same with raspbery leaves, unfortunately.
I'm 41 weeks pregnant and going to be induced tomorrow. I'd really like my baby arrives naturally not being encourage through an artificial way but nothing worked. I didn't freak out, just simply tried some methods such as brisk walking every day for about an hour, dancing, walking upstairs and downstairs and make it a kind of exercise. I was speaking to my baby saying to him that his time is coming, touching smoothly and massaging my belly in order to bring on Braxton-Hicks contractions....and I ended up with this induction booked for tomorrow;) How to explain it?..First pregnancy, genes as my mom was overdue both with me and my brother and with she was not know but there's a one thing for sure I do not decline this induction as I'm not sure if my baby comes through natural birth if keep waiting and there's a great risk for baby's health whilst stay in too long.
If he sudennly will decide to come tonight or tomorrow morning before induction is started I'll be very happy but if not I'll just follow the procedure. I'll try to stay connected and go through the pain and do my best to deliver my little son.
Dear Anna,

I wish you a very happy birth! I just want to follow up on your comment that there is a great risk to baby's health if you wait too long. Just so you have the information, studies have shown there is very little increased risk between 37 and 42 weeks. There is a slight rise in risk after 42 weeks, not dramatic. If you have any second thoughts about being induced, do not feel shy about putting it off for a few more days. Very often, if your dates are right, you WILL go into labor naturally by or before 42 weeks. One of the articles states that only 1% to 4% of pregnancies continue to 43 weeks, so chances are very good you will go into labor soon.

If you put it off, your doctor will want to perform a test on the baby every 2 days, and have you count kicks every day. Of course, you will go with your gut instinct about what to do and can change your mind at any moment.

I was one of those people who did not go into labor (at all). The first time I was induced at almost 42 weeks because I didn't know I had a choice. Ended in Cesarean. The second time I was induced at 41 because I was positive I had a big baby and wanted to improve my chances of VBAC by giving birth at that time (she was 9lbs 2oz.) The third time I still had no glimmer of labor at 41 1/2 weeks. I tried acupuncture and went into labor a few hours later, giving birth just shy of 42 weeks. I felt much better and recovered easier without all the induction drugs in my body. (No huge Flintstone feet!)

Here's to hoping you go into natural labor TONIGHT! If you do, tell them to keep that pitocin far away!

Here are a few links to this information.

This one is from the "medical establishment". Their exact recommendations are at the end. I think they are reasonable and based on if the baby is doing fine and if the cervix is favorable for induction.



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